How to Kick start Homemade Perfume Business

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Perfume has become a part of daily hygiene routines no matter what the gender, age, or social status may be. People love using perfumes because the great smell adds confidence and gives an overall euphoric feeling. So if perfume is your passion, here are some ways on how to start you perfume business:

Learn the art of perfume-making and get familiar with the scents.

Basic Formula Includes: 15%-30% essential oil (or fragrant oil), 70% to 80% pure grain alcohol such as vodka, and 5% distilled water. Additionally, you can add 5g MCL (muscol) and 5g moisturizer such as propylene glycol.

Basic Equipment: kitchen weighing scale, plastic cups, a stirring rod, volumetric flask with cover, a small beaker, and 1000ml beaker.

Basic Procedure: keep in mind that you have to measure the ingredients properly, following the guidelines and you can experiment later on with your own formula.  To start, mix ¼ cup of vodka with 5 drops of essential oil. Let it stand for 48 hours or up to a month depending on how strong you want it to be. Then mix with 2 tbsp distilled water, then add 5g MCL and 5g PPG to make your scent last longer.

Notes in perfume:

Base notes- the one which will stay longer on the skin such as vanilla, cinnamon, and sandalwood.

Middle notes- add to the scent for a while then fades away such as lemongrass, geranium, neroli, and ilang-ilang.

Top notes- don’t last long but they add a kick to the scent, such as rose, lavender, jasmine, and orchard.

Experiment with these three notes of smell to create your own perfume.

Draft a business plan.

In planning your perfume business, include your mission statement, initial and monthly goals, and desired cash flow, start up cost and budget. Constantly update your plan and compare it with what you have achieved on a regular basis.

Consider the legalities.

Make sure you have obtained the right documents before opening your business such as sanitary permit and business license.

Create your own brand.

Select a unique name which is catchy and reflects your own ideals and endeavor in the perfume business. Design your own logo so that your clients will easily remember it among the competitors.

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Since your perfume business is home based, the most effective way is talking person to person or direct selling. Online selling is also an option because it is largely popular nowadays. Just make sure you don’t break the trust of your customers by selling substandard products or packaging.


You can also offer your perfumes on day spas, aromatherapy centers, and wellness clinics to expand the span of your business.

These are just the basic tips in making and selling perfume you can expand your knowledge and network by attending seminars, trade fairs, and learning online.