Must-Have Essentials for New Office Space

Essentials for New Office Space
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Negosentro | Must-Have Essentials for New Office Space | Moving a business from your garage or kitchen table into an office space takes planning. As you bring on new employees when your business grows, you need to think about where you will put them and what sorts of features your physical building has that will make it a positive work environment. There may be something exciting about housing your start-up company in an abandoned warehouse, but it won’t be long before your employees get tired of the bad lighting and uncomfortable folding chairs. 

Safety Features

It’s good practice to build several layers of safety features into your office space. The hope, of course, is that none of them are ever needed. Even so, it gives potential employees peace of mind to know that these aspects of office life have already been considered. There are several elements of safety that should be looked at. To begin with, consider how the employees will enter the building each day. Are the doors left open during office hours, and if so, is there a security guard on duty? A less expensive option might be to install a keypad or card swipe system that only allows authorized personnel into the building. Cameras at entrances and exits can be crime deterrents and need only be reviewed if problems have been reported. 

Parking lot safety can be handled in multiple ways. A prefab office for parking lot attendants means that they can screen all cars coming into the parking lot, and keep your building safe. Another option is a swipe card system like you might use at the doors so that no guard is necessary. Excellent lighting is a must especially if the assumption is that your employees will be working odd hours and coming and going at different times. Putting a high gate around your parking lot will also deter thieves who generally don’t like to get caught in tight spaces.

Comfort Features

Once inside the building, don’t skimp on basic comfort items for your employees. You don’t have to buy brand-new, high-end office furniture when money is tight, but do make sure each worker has a comfortable office chair and desk of the right height. Adjustable furniture is most practical because your employees will not all be the same size. Making sure that each desk area has access to good lighting is quite important. Eye strain from low light or glare can cause poor performance from someone who must look at a computer screen all day. 

Every office space should have a meeting room for both formal and informal get-togethers. Offices that don’t have this type of space designated necessitate groups gathering in the hallway or crammed into someone’s office uncomfortably. It’s better to just create a multi-purpose area for presentations and meetings. 

Extra Features

Extra features in an office can often make or break quality workspace. All office space should be equipped with a nice easy-to-get-to bathroom, preferably two. You should also consider providing a kitchen area that at least has a full-sized refrigerator, a sink that gets hot water and several microwaves. It may not seem fair (especially if you go out to eat every day), but make sure the kitchen is stocked with napkins, paper towels, disposable cutlery, coffee and a coffee pot. Filtered water is an excellent way to show that you care about the health of your employees. The easier it is for your workers to bring a lunch and eat in, the greater chance they won’t wander off for long lunches and even longer coffee breaks. 

Not every office is going to have enough extra space to provide a work-out or meditation room, but if you do have empty space, consider turning it into one of these. A couple of treadmills and a handful of yoga mats means that each employee has the option to work out before or after work or during their lunch hour. Gym memberships are expensive, so adding this little extra feature just might be the thing that gets the potential hire to accept the job. 

There are many things to consider when building out an office space for the first time. Security and comfort should top the list no matter what the business. 

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