Top Tips to Spruce Up Your Family Home This Winter

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Negosentro | Top Tips to Spruce Up Your Family Home This Winter |When it’s cold and icy outside, you will be inside your home a lot more. Naturally, your attention will fall on the different rooms in your home, from the dining room to the kitchen. Often, what homeowners find is that their surroundings are in desperate need of some upgrades and touch-ups – and there’s no better period than winter to do this. 

Most stores have amazing sales during this time, and (more importantly) you might have the time for indoor DIY since fewer outdoor events are taking place. With that said, let’s run through some top tips to spruce up your family home this winter! 

1: Invest in Some New Furniture 

If you’ve had the same old furniture for over five years, you might want to consider upgrading to some high-end contemporary furniture this winter. For example, the Pukka armchairs and settees offered by specialists like Ligne Roset Chelsea are an excellent choice for families looking to modernize their homes. On top of this, you can also throw in some new lighting, rugs, and other accessories to complete the look. When you’re finished, your home will feel extra special and cozy – just how it’s meant to be. 

2: Create a Gallery Wall 

If you have a blank wall in your house that’s making the place look dull, then here’s a plan: turn it into a gallery wall. On your gallery wall, you’ll be able to include paintings and art pieces that complement the aesthetic you’re going for. Remember, lots of vintage art can be picked up for cheap nowadays, so you don’t even have to worry about breaking the bank. 

Pro Tip: Don’t rush into creating your gallery wall, as you have all winter to do it. Take some time to sit down together with your family and plan exactly the type of art you want to add. If you metaphorically throw paint at the wall to see what sticks, it won’t work well! Shop around the different art stores in your city to see what’s on offer and take it from there. 

3: Declutter 

Throughout the year, it’s likely that your home has become a little bit cluttered. Don’t worry; it happens to everyone – especially families with young children! 

There’s no need to worry, in any case. One weekend, grab some bags and boxes and dedicate an entire afternoon to decluttering. The items you want to keep can be reorganized, while the things you don’t want anymore can be donated to charity or sold online. 

4: Do Something with the Spare Room 

It’s very common for homeowners to leave the spare room in their home completely vacant. Or, they might use it as a storage area for old boxes and clothes. If this is something you’re guilty of, then it’s time to use this winter as the chance to do something special with the spare room! 

When it comes to doing this, there are endless opportunities. Here are just a few examples of what you can turn your spare room into: 

  • A home office
  • A gaming room 
  • A home library 

Think carefully about what’s most suited to you and your family’s needs! 

5: Add an Essential Oil Diffuser 

Last but not least, add an essential oil diffuser to your home. 

Typically, the best place for this is the living room. It’ll make everything feel nice and fresh. Plus, when you have guests over, they’ll be sure to comment on how nice the fragrance is. 

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