How to Improve Your Home in Just A Few Days

Your Home
Image source: | How to Improve Your Home in Just A Few Days | Your home is where your heart- and life- is. A home makeover means you get a rest from its old look and give it a new, more exciting look that is most appealing and classic to you and your folks. Other reasons why you should consider a home makeover include to increase its value, for safety measures such as leaking pipes and falling roof, to increase its functionality maybe by partitioning to accommodate your growing family, to give it a modern look in order to put up with the ever-changing décor and interior designs, to match the changes of life like to accommodate a newborn an elderly, or a sick family member, among other reasons.

If you don’t have the luxury of time when remodeling your home, here are some simple ways you can remodel your home in just a few days.

  1.     Modernize your bathroom

Your bathroom is where you start and end your day at, morning and evening shower. You freshen up and unwind after a long day, and so it is crucial to make it the best. Consider remodeling your bathroom by repainting the walls, add a skylight in case it is too dark, and consider a  shower replacement with a wider modern one with enough pressure, and incorporate glass to brighten the room.

  1.     Repaint your walls

It would be a good idea to repaint your exterior walls to protect them from weather elements. Repainting is also a proven way of freshening damaged sidings. For the interior walls, choose bright colors to make the house look livelier. Do not forget to give the ceiling a new look too. Maybe white would be the best choice, as it reflects light and would make the other four walls appear beautifully sharper.

  1.     Invest in good lighting

Good lighting in a room provides warmth and a cozy feel. That is why you should consider getting elegant chandeliers for your ceiling and replace your fluorescent bulb with modern LED bulbs. You can also place candles in stylish candle holders in the dark corner in your living room both for their scents and for their décor properties.

  1.     Manage your cords and cables

Electronics cables can make a room appear disorganized and untidy when they are all over the floor. They are very stylish, with different shapes and colors, cable holders to hold all your cables together which are not too costly.

  1.     Bring in indoor house plants

Plants are naturally beautiful – their natural green color signifies life and inspiration in the house. They make a room cozy and purify the air within. There are some indoor plants with a really good smell for example spearmint, lemon balm, night-blooming jasmine, etc.  They will beautify and give the house a relaxing scent. If your home does not get enough light exposure, or it simply is the winter season, consider investing in gadgets that will stimulate your plants’ growth. For example, if you have a spacious room that is free for any kind of use, you can get a grow tent that has enough space for all of your indoor plants, and that simulates perfect conditions for optimal growth.

  1.     Work on your front door

Your front door determines in a big way the very first impression visitors and people from the street get about your house. If the door is not in an awful condition, it would be okay to just repaint the frames and get new door locks. If it is beyond repair, getting a new one would still be worth it.

  1.     Rethink your furniture

Move up the sofas and the tables from their usual positions. Rearrange to give every room a new look and a different one from what you are used to. Another way of reimagining your furniture would be to get cushions of different sizes, shapes, and colors to match with the rest of the interior.

While still on furniture, a good comfortable bed is essential for a good sleep. Invest in a new mattress and if possible classy bed. Buy beautiful and colorful beddings too. Make your bedroom as exciting as the living room.

  1.     Work on the roof

Most roofing mostly wears out during winter because of snow and heavy rainfall. In case of a leakage, have a handyman fix it for you and clean off debris that holds water and cause deterioration. While there, clean all the dirt in the gutters, if need be, repaint your roof to give a new look.


  1.     Improve your outdoor

Uproot weed on your lawn, sufficient watering to avoid grass drying up and have it well trimmed, choose the best plants for your backyard that you can comfortably maintain.


There are plenty of ways in which you can improve your home. It will all depend on the amount of money you are willing to spend and the timelines you set for the work to be done. Move out of your comfort zone and take a step to improve your home! It is most certainly worth it.