4 Health Inventions and How They Work

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Negosentro.com | 4 Health Inventions and How They Work | The health sector is one of the most important industries, as it deals directly with human life. Humans havetaken an interest in this area to improve the quality of health care service. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, you will come across different inventions when you visit a hospital. Here are four inventions you might want to know about.

Molecular Breast Imaging

This is one invention that has completely changed operations in the healthcare sector and transformed the lives of thousands of women. Before coming up with molecular breast imaging, it was very difficult to manage breast surgeries and treat breast-related complications. Molecular breast imaging basically uses a spectral camera and radioactive tracer to detect breast cancer. This invention is very revolutionary and life changing.

Although Mammography is a primary tool in screening breast cancer, it has proven to underperform in women. Molecular breast imaging (MBI) is a great alternative technique that supplements Mammography. MBI screening has improved within the past two decades due to its easier adoption, high patient acceptance and easy dissemination. For more information on the latest life-changing medical screening technology, visit Depisteo.com.

Medical Thermometer

If you are sick and walk into any health facility, one of the first things a nurse will do is to take your temperature. Reason being that the human body oscillates around a certain body temperature, below or beyond which you are sick. The medical thermometer is the device medics use to measure temperature. Are you aware of how it came to be?

The first device to have measured temperature was first used by Galileo in the 1500s. The device operated on the basic principle that the density of any liquid changes as its temperature changes. The first mercury thermometer was invented by Gabriel Fahrenheit in 1714. Although mercury thermometers are still in use today, they are slowly being phased out by more accurate digital ones.


If you have a heart problem, it is easier to measure your heart rate thanks to the stethoscope. However, very few people are aware of how this powerful device came to be. Before the invention of the stethoscope, doctors would determine a patient’s heartbeat by listening with their ears. This method, although helpful at the time, was less efficient and quite crude.

For instance, the method failed in case a patient had a lot of fat between their heart and the exterior of the chest where the doctor placed his ear. Thanks to René Laënnec, who was a French physician, a more efficient stethoscope was invented. This was after he faced a challenge of determining the heartbeat of a patient accurately due to a fat layer.

X-ray Imaging

Without X-ray imaging, it would be very difficult to determine the extent of common injuries such as fractures. The discovery of X-rays was accidental. The discovery was made by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, a German physicist who was studying electric currents going through low-pressure gas. At the time, he didn’t know that his discovery would transform the healthcare industry for good.

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