How to Go About Recruiting and Hiring During a Pandemic

How to Go About Recruiting and Hiring During a Pandemic | How to Go About Recruiting and Hiring During a Pandemic | The economic turmoil that followed suit after the pandemic hit was something that no one expected. While the unemployment rate rose to 14.7 percent in April, that wasn’t the only consequence that people faced. Not only were many people laid-off, but they also had to adjust to the switch for virtual work, and many also had to change their line of work to stay employed. 

With the current situation, it’s safe to say it’s been an odd time for employment. Although lay-offs have increased since the pandemic, some companies either were not affected or are in a place again of hiring.

Determine if You’re Hiring Remote or On-site Employees

The first thing you should do is figure out whether you want to hire on-site or remote employees. There are benefits of both. You may get a better sense of personality with an on-site employee due to in-person, face-to-face interactions, but with that comes a risk of infection. With remote work, that is one less place to come face-to-face with the illness.

Moreover, hiring on-site employees would mean that your applicants would be limited to your locality. At the same time, remote workers open up a large pool of talented applicants that will apply globally. Remote workers can work from anywhere and at any time, stay connected all the time, and work in a comfortable environment.

On-site workers can work as a team, boost motivation efficiently, and work under your direct control. But with the right systems in place, a remote work environment can run just the same.

Establish a Structured Hiring Process

You should ensure that you’re creating an organized hiring process to avoid wasting resources and valuable time. Here are a few tips for structuring your hiring process for remote workers:

  • Be Adaptive– Social distancing has played a role in imposing workplace restrictions, and this means that you may have to switch up your scouting and interview process. While you can still try to have on-site interviews, it may be better to follow the social distancing norms and embrace digital interviews. You can hold them virtually through apps such as Zoom or Skype.
  • Identify Crucial Screening Criteria– Ensure that you narrow down the application pool by adding questions or criteria to find the right candidates. For example, you can add criteria, such as specific related experience, education, and other digital skills.
  • Provide Transparent Job DescriptionsYour job descriptions should mention the qualifications required so that you can narrow down unqualified applicants. Ensure that you add everything in detail regarding criteria and what won’t be accepted.
  • Promote Postings on Social MediaSocial media platforms can work out to be some of the best marketing tools, and promoting your job posts on LinkedIn and Indeed can help reach out to a broader audience. Freshers or people who are laid off will be actively searching for a position and see you’re hiring.

Establish an Onboarding Process for Remote Workers

Here are a few tips to ensure that your company follows social distancing while moving towards a remote onboarding process:

  • Utilize Digitization for Paperwork– Since the entire process has become remote, it might be challenging to have candidates send over hiring paperwork, especially if they’re not in the same country. Ensure that you are sending over and receiving documents digitally whenever possible.
  • Choose Virtual Orientations– Meetings, conferences, orientations, and employee training can occur virtually through digital platforms. Rather than risking in-person orientations, have everyone set up for a Zoom or Skype call to get them through the process.
  • Schedule Regular Video CallsTo ensure that your employees still feel like a team, hold daily or weekly calls until they’re comfortable with their roles. Starting a new remote job can be a little challenging, and offering your recruits support is vital.

Consider Hiring Outside Help

The pandemic has brought any extraordinary situation which kept many businesses preoccupied overtime to handle remote work and their standard processes that have now changed to a digital world. To help with the recruitment process, you can consider contacting an HR management consulting firm, which can smooth over the process and make it easier to find suitable candidates.

Explore Every Possibility to Recruit Talent

While it can be challenging to understand how to hire or recruit employees with the current situation, there are ways to make it easier. Remote hiring opens a world of possibilities, provided that you understand how to make the best of it. Ensure that you’re promoting job positions, providing as much as possible details, and getting outside help, should you require it.

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