7 Pros and Cons of Outdoor Advertising

7 Pros and Cons of Outdoor Advertising Outdoor Advertisement

Negosentro.com | 7 Pros and Cons of Outdoor Advertising | Moving your business forward to achieve considerable growth and greater success cannot be done away without embracing the benefits of outdoor advertising. While outdoor advertising is considered traditional but it is still consumed favorably by a large number of businesses. To the very fact, it occupies a significant place in one’s marketing strategy to pull-off visible results in a short period of time.

There is no question about the effectiveness of OOH ads. With upcoming advancements and innovations taking place, the effectiveness of the Outdoor advertising is very likely to be stimulated to precipitate better reach, engagement, and tendency of this medium to considerably influence consumers to a larger extent. However, it would be upon advertisers how they perceive the medium and how will they are to adopt the evolving trends in Outdoor advertisers. Here is a post about growing trends in outdoor advertising, they must carefully read. Incorporating these OOH trends in the marketing strategy would not only assist them in developing a long term effective strategy but also would keep them with latest advertising trends. And this process would undoubtedly help them meet their short term and even long term goals for an organization.

Here are seven Pros and Cons of Outdoor Advertising, a business owner or an advertiser must consider carefully before stepping-in to harness the medium for campaigning.

  1. Cost Effective (Pro)

OOH ads are large having action driven content placed in busy areas. It literally means that it would drive a greater volume of exposure and impression. For new brands, it can get them much needed awareness necessary to take-off from the ground. Therefore, a business gets affordable advertising choice that can be leveraged for a fraction of cost. Billboards and Vehicle advertising are a perfect choice to get exorbitant exposure within a brief period of time.

  1. Encourages Impulse Buying (Pro)

Whether it is generating awareness for cause, promoting an event, movie info, or, a brand endorsement – people are likely to notice, act, and respond to the brand message on the advertisement. In fact, most people take actions after finding relevant information on an outdoor advert. In super stores, Outdoor adverts such as POS displays could push people to actively purchase items placed strategically in order to boost sales and in turn revenue.

  1. Generate Quick Visibility (Pro)

There is no brainer, when outdoor placed are placed on busy interaction or on a mobile advertising van, hundreds or even thousands of people check those adverts. Commuters, employees, students, and buyers are pretty likely to notice your brand and there are chances they would become a customer after carefully checking your brands’ advert.

  1. Hard to Avoid or Ignore (Pro)

The brilliant part about OOH ads is they are massive, placed on a noticeable location, and attractive. Unlike, TV ads where channel can be skipped, Websites Ads that can be closed, and newspaper ads that can be ignored, outdoor ads are not easy to go away from. With unwavering focus and attention, OOH become quite powerful and could be very engaging to grab the message from a business.

  1. Difficult to Gauge Reach (Con)

Although the ads get impression from thousands of viewers, there is no way to determine that how much people are turning into customers. How many people find the ad effective and have taken action after viewing the ads. There is no mechanism to figure out granular details about a campaign. So, the data is completely anonymous which makes OOH ads quite unreliable as well.

  1. Prone to Weather Conditions and Vandalism (Con)

As the ads are placed in open under variable weather conditions such as rain, dust, heat, and cold, the quality of the ads deteriorates over time making them less functionally and engaging. Sometimes adverts are vandalized that significantly result in loss for the businesses.

  1. Difficult to Remember (Con)

The last but not the least OOH ads remain in the mind of people for a short window. When people view ads in public location, they might not remember the store address, the website, or perhaps the business name after a short interval. Hence, it is a setback of the outdoor ads.


While finalizing a marketing medium, it is vital to give due recognition to all the sides of campaigning with a particular channel. Hope, these pros and cons of OOH ads would bring greater transparency and understanding of the outdoor ads. And in future you could partially or completely use them for phenomenal results.

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