How to Upgrade Your Office

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Source: | How to Upgrade Your Office | It’s important to have a working environment that promotes productivity and an overall positive atmosphere. A lot of offices can feel clinical, with harsh fluorescent overhead lighting, white or beige walls, and desks that are squashed together. While you might not need your office to feel as warm and welcoming as your home, it should still be a place that people feel comfortable in. If you’re fed up with your office’s current look and want to improve it, here are a few ways you can upgrade and make it the perfect working environment. 

New tech

To say technology has advanced a lot in the last couple of decades is an understatement. Society has come to rely on it so much that it’s hard to think back to a time when computers, WiFi, and smartphones didn’t exist. If you want to revamp your office and bring it into the future, investing in new tech is a great way to do this. It could help employees manage their tasks more effectively, and look a lot more impressive when you need to make presentations to clients. 

Improve security

Everyone deserves to feel safe at work, and while you might have an employee handbook written that outlines the dos and don’ts of professional conduct in your company, consider how you can physically make the office safer. Look at your emergency exits – can you make room for more? Are the doors in good condition? Are there enough fire extinguishers? Even looking at improving the security to the entrance to your office with access door controllers is worth it. 


As mentioned previously, a lot of offices have dull, dreary décor that can feel oppressive. You might not think your office’s color scheme matters that much, but it can alter the way you feel, which is why looking at making it a bit more vibrant is a good idea. Certain colors are thought to promote productivity and creativity, too, so perhaps choosing one of those shades could be a good idea? Think about introducing some plant-life into your working environment as well, as studies have suggested that they have a calming effect on people and can help boost morale. 

Improve the breakroom

Your employees work hard every day, which is why they must get regular breaks to refresh themselves and maintain productivity. No one likes to sit in a depressing breakroom, with a subpar kettle and microwave to use, and that lingering smell that never seems to go away. Treat your staff to a cool new breakroom with comfortable couches, a clean, new fridge, and some complimentary teas, coffees, and even some hot chocolate. On hotter days, stock the fridge with some bottles of water or soft drinks they can have to quench their thirst.

Get better office chairs

Finally, to make sure your staff members are getting the right support for their posture while working at their desks, invest in some ergonomic office chairs. This will help them stay comfortable all day, and prevent them from developing back pain or other issues due to sitting for long periods at a time. 

If you want to turn your dull office into a vibrant place of work, consider the options above for your upgrade.

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