How to Enhance Communication in the Workplace

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Mary Rae Floresca|

One of the reasons why teamwork fail in the workplace is because of miscommunication. This is one reason that affects the performance of the company. Read on how to enhance communication in the workplace.

1. Open-door policy

Managers or higher positions in the company sometimes separates themselves from their workforce too much. They keep their doors closed and can only be approached by appointment. That’s wrong, an effective team leader should let his workers approach him easily. It may distract you at first but try it, you may never know the random thoughts and ideas that your employees can share.

2. Morning Huddle

This is not only applicable for service crews in cafe or restaurants, this can also be done in corporate offices. Every morning, before starting the daily job, seat with your team and do a short rundown on their tasks. Employees will feel needed and confident to do their duties throughout the day. The goal here is to give information clearly and deliver project statuses accordingly.

3. Evaluate the situation first

This is like thinking of what to say first before just saying anything that it might hurt the different party. When problems occur among the group, evaluate and confirm information initially instead of jumping into conclusions. Quick decisions are good but is must be accurate and fair.

4. Do not blame the person’s character

If you have issues with the attitude of your employees or co-workers, do not attack right away because of their personality. Explain your side in a nice and civil way, no blaming. It can intensify any situation when you blame their character. Instead, tell what they can do and focus on the solution. Separate and control the rush of emotion that you want to tell harshly. If you are at the verge of anger because of the other person’s character, do your angry management check, count ten seconds very slowly before speaking.

5. Take criticisms subjectively

If you are receiving criticism, do not take it personally. Ask yourself what to can improve on, learn from it instead of retorting back. No one is perfect, we do make mistakes and that is okay because we always have room for improvements. Don’t hold a grudge against the person who criticized you. Listen, evaluate, let it go and learn from it. Be grateful that people are sometimes frank towards you so you would know what you could improve on.


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