How to Use Customer Feedbacks to Increase Sales

How-to-Use-Customer-Feedbacks-to-Increase-Sales, using-testimonials-to-increase-sales,testimonials, client-feedbacks, sales-and-marketing-strategy

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Sharing your positive customer feedbacks is another brilliant key to increase your market sales. Whether you’re selling online or managing a start-up business, this is your way to grab other consumers’ attention. Here are the wise ways to do it.

There are many kinds of consumers, some are very thrifty and sticks to the same product over and over again, the joy buyers or the wise buyers. But of course you want to tap all of them to promote your product or services. Your brand may not offer a lot of bonuses and you can just rely to your trusted consumers. Their useful positive testimonials do the hard work for you to increase your sales. These testimonials turn skeptic consumers around and will encourage unique customers to try your product or services.

1. Let people try the product and monitor results

Remember the TV commercial of Dove soap? They invited a few women to test the product in a week, they should wash their faces everyday with the soap. The catch is that there shouldn’t be mirrors, and on the last day, they caught their reactions. This is quite tricky and expensive. But it is somehow effective. Check out the video link here . This kind of strategy sometimes urges consumers to try that out as well, consumers are constantly curious of products in the market.

2. Ask feedbacks and use as substantial testimonial

A lot of online sellers do this. They ask for feedbacks of the customers, and screen capture the messages sent to them. Some buyers agree to not hide their names. The best testimonial to post online is the one with “Before-and-After” testimonials about the product used. That is more effective, loyal customers could be as candid and honest as they can be. Sellers also create their own hashtag like #(name of brand/shop)feedbacks. That would be easier for new customers to track what the other buyers think of the product.

3. Bloggers/”Influencer”s Testimonial

First step is to look for blogs that have reviewed your brand. Search for the best and honest ones, re-share those blogs, those bloggers will be overwhelmed as well. Plus, you didn’t force them to blog about it, so customers will think that actually, your product is talked about! Second, look for bloggers and “influencers” that have a big number of followers, send your products to them or invite them to test your service. They will most likely agree of it, careful though, they could be really honest, they can say or write a few negative factors. But still, they do honest reviews like a “first impressions review.”

Bottomline: Keep your product or service credible and trusted by consumers. Don’t waste your good testimonials and don’t break the trust of loyal customers. Maintain your good reputation there will always be negative comments so be ready for a good PR setback.


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