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How to Create SMS Marketing Strategy

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Negosentro | With so many benefits to its practice, it is hard to pass on SMS marketing. SMS marketing can go a long way in extending the reach of your marketing campaign at only a fraction of the cost of alternative methods.

However, for you to be able to reap its full benefits, you have to develop a good strategy. Remember the devil is in the details—every miniscule detail that you might think is insignificant in the grand scheme of things counts—so make sure to pay as much attention to them as you can.

Step 1. Develop a target demographic. To maximize the benefits of SMS marketing you have to know who your ideal customer is and what their needs are so you can build your message around that. No one wants to receive unsolicited text messages that they are not interested in. Thus, it is important to target the right audience that will respond to your SMS marketing campaign.

Step 2. Have a clear message. Do not underestimate the shortness of people’s attention spans and take into account that you have only about 160 characters to express the core idea of your campaign in a text message. Anything more than that will probably not be read by the majority of people. Use simple language and be concise while clearly laying out the important information to lure your customers in.

Step 3. Get the timing right. Timing is key in ensuring the success of your SMS marketing campaign. You do not want to bother people with text messages early in the morning or late at night. Find the right timeslot for your target demographic for optimal results—generally between 9am-9pm.

Sometimes SMS marketing is at its most effective when it is used as a last-minute impulse. Clients respond pretty well to time-sensitive promotions and sales, so consider that too when developing a timeline for your messages. However, be cautious of not overusing this tactic as you will be walking on fine line.

Step 4. Promote your SMS marketing campaign across all media. Bear in mind that for your SMS marketing campaign to be lawful, you need people to opt-in by means of subscribing. Building a subscribers base from scratch is a difficult task but you can make it easy if you promote your campaign using all channels available to you. These channels include but are not limited to social media, your website, email newsletter and your physical store, also known as point-of-sale.

Step 5. Integrate it with the rest of your marketing campaign. SMS marketing works best as a complementary piece rather than as a standalone tool. It should not exist in isolation but rather be an active part of your marketing. One way to integrate SMS marketing with your general marketing is to include Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons at the end of your text messages.

You can embed links into those CTA buttons which will take your customers to a webpage you want them to land on. CTA increases customer engagement and interaction, and that is ideally the end goal for every successful SMS marketing campaign.

Step 6. Keep focus on your best customers. You may have a large customer base but remember the Pareto principle—80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Focus on those 20% customers who have been loyal to your brand/company, who have consistently used your services and who have promoted your business without being prompted to do so. Repeat customers are a rare breed in the modern world, so you may want to hold on to them as tight as you can. Identify your best clients, those who make up the 20%, and dedicate your time and resources to them. This can be done through personalized marketing, where you send text messages specifically tailored for each customer. Make them feel valued and rewarded for being a loyal client.

There are many SMS marketing platforms which provide all these essential features. One of them is SendSMS. You will find that their streamlined platform offers just about any feature that is necessary for SMS marketing, with ease of use and accessibility in mind.

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