How to Choose the Best Adjustable Dress Form for Business


Negosentro.comA sewing room will not be complete in the absence of a dress form. You do not have to be a world-class designer to have an adjustable dress form. So long you make dresses, you will need a dress form around. While everyone that makes clothes needs to have a dress form around, not many people know how to choose the ideal dress form. If you will be shopping for a dress form any time soon and are not sure of what to look out for, you are on the right page. While there are lots of dress forms, the ideal dress form you should buy is dependent on why you need a dress form. 

That being said, below are various types of dress forms and how they can be used.

Bifurcated Dress Forms

Bifurcated dress forms are similar to professional dress forms. However, unlike professional dress forms, bifurcated dress forms can be used for displaying shorts. This is one edge this type of adjustable dress form has over the professional dress form.

In the course of your designs, do you carry out lots of pant fittings? If yes, then this adjustable dress form is one that you have to put into consideration when shopping for an adjustable dress form. Bifurcated dress forms also come with removable arms. So, if you deal with dresses with arms, this adjustable dress form should be one of the adjustable dress forms you have to consider.

Display Dress Form

When shopping for an adjustable dress form, one thing you always have to put into consideration is your reason for getting a dress form.

Do you simply want to make use of the dress form in displaying garments? If yes, then you might not want to spend so much on getting a dress form. If all you need a dress form for is to display garments, you simply need to buy a type of dress form known as a display dress form.

When getting a display dress form, you do not need to spend so much. With $100 you will be able to get a good display form.

Professional Dress Form

When shopping for a form that will assist you while fitting, draping, pinning, etc., it will be best to get a professional dress form. While a professional dress form might seem a lot like an investment, it is the best type of adjustable dress form you can get when carrying out a construction procedure. While this might seem like am a lot, you can be certain that it will last a long time.

In addition to being durable, professional dress forms can be moved from one place to another very easily as they come with wheels. In addition to being easily movable, professional dress forms feature collapsible shoulders. This makes it possible to put on dresses and take them off very easily.

When shopping for a professional dress form, it is vital that you buy a size that is good for the smallest measurement in your collection. If you want to make use of a bigger dress, you can always pad the adjustable dress form.

Adjustable Dress Form

This type of dress form although called an adjustable dress form is only one of the many types of adjustable dress forms.

Like their name states, this type of dress form can always be altered to suit whatever measurement you are working with.

It is lightweight and can be moved about very easily. This dress form is not so expensive. It can be gotten at $300. While lots of them do not have provisions for pants and shorts, there are those that were designed for people that design pants and shorts.

Although adjustable dress forms have lots of advantages, some of their downsides are they are not so durable, do not have shoulders that can be collapsed, and are not good for draping.

How Do Dress Forms Differ From Mannequins

Lots of people always make the mistake of thinking dress forms are mannequins. The truth, however, remains that dress forms and mannequins are different.

More often than not, dress forms are a representation of the torso of the body. Also, their exterior is constructed with foam or fabric while their interior is made of hard materials. The fact that their exterior is made of soft materials makes it easy to pin materials on their surface. Unlike dress forms, mannequins are made of hard exteriors and are usually found where clothes are sold. Unlike a dress form that focuses on the torso, mannequins represent the torso, as well as the lower body.

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