What is custom coaster printing and what are its benefits?

Custom coaster printing

Negosentro.com |  Custom coaster printingCustom coaster printing is a fantastic way to promote brands in a social environment.

Whether it’s a busy bar, pub, wedding, anniversary or a fundraising event, there’s no better way to reach a customer than through custom printed coasters. Brand development, happy hours, custom logos and added values ​​for sponsorships, the uses for coaster printing are endless.

Promotional coasters do more than protect surfaces if they are used in their full advertising potential. Custom printed coasters are an effective promotional product to help advertise companies, launch new products or current promotions. Custom printed coasters are memorable gifts as well as great gifts.

Custom coasters can serve all industries, all social events or any occasion when one sits at a table. If you want to advertise, or simply create a special moment for one person every day, Coastal Coasters can help you with a good solution to make it a part of all this type of application.

Benefits of custom coaster printing for a small business

Brands are very aware that personalization creates value for customers, and that is why they strive to adapt and customize their offer to the extent of allowing customer participation in the creation and design of products or services.

In recent years, the quality of digital printing has improved so much that it is difficult to distinguish the difference between digitally printed jobs and those produced with traditional offset printing. That is one of the reasons why digital printing has become so popular among small businesses.

If you are ready to boost your business through print marketing, our digital printing guide for small business owners aims to help you achieve it.

Increase in profit margin

It is no longer necessary to print hundreds of thousands of the same items so that printing is profitable, now, with digital printing, you can print very short custom runs without incurring the high start-up cost than screen printing does have.

It offers you more for the same money

Unlike offset or lithographic printing, digital printing does not use sheets or rubber blankets for ink transfer. That means there are no setup costs: your creativity goes directly from your PDF to paper using high-quality toner. Digital printing uses fewer materials and the process is much faster without reducing quality. And that saves you money.

Faster response times

Increasingly, customers want their products immediately. The digital printing process also offers the benefit that you do not have to wait days for the plates to be made or the ink to dry. You can even have your work ready the next day. Digital printing continues to consolidate its growth based on the increase in demand for custom runs and the reduction of delivery times. In this regard, the tendency to print short runs quickly and with high quality stands out, allowing individual items or small quantities to be produced to avoid overproduction. Digital printing eliminates the time and preparation materials needed for screen printing. In addition, being more profitable, it offers the possibility of performing previous printing tests, in a simple way. This trend points to gr

Greater differentiation of competition

Everyone sells t-shirts, but not with the favorite print of their customers. Offering unique products designed for each customer will make a difference in the decision-making process. The feeling of individuality and exclusivity will make a difference.

It is not necessary to increase inventory costs

Personalization does not imply an extra expense in the purchase of new items. You can customize the same items you already sell, simply by adding a special touch. The differential value for the business is the distinctive character that increases the value of the product, without having to have large stocks for personalization to be profitable.

It allows knowing the profile of the clients

People like individuality, feel unique, and thanks to personalization you can meet tastes, hobbies, talents, etc. of your customers In addition, with the new information technologies, as well as CRM and data analytics, companies can save the information of each individual, in order to offer a product or service adapted to their tastes and preferences. Good customization comes from analytical technology (the data is new oil). In the future, thanks to artificial intelligence, companies can anticipate the tastes and preferences of customers. Digital printing allows you to add numbers, names or any information you want to your print. This leads to a better commitment to customers and an increase in response rates during marketing.

Increase customer loyalty

With personalization, the degree of customer satisfaction increases. This perceives the product as a unique item, with added value and designed to meet all your needs. It is an adaptation to the consumer at the highest level and, of course, it represents one of the best ways to retain it. If a customer perceives that he is the center of attention of the company, he will be more predisposed to make a purchase or establish a lasting relationship with the brand.

Boost the online business

It has been shown that in recent years sales in physical stores are declining. This decrease is due to different factors, such as the pressure of online stores, both in terms of price and ease of access. With lower overall costs and profitability offered by automated purchase processes thanks to electronic point-of-sale systems, it is easier and cheaper than ever for companies to operate online. In addition, improvements to online portals make it easier to access, compare and buy products; while in physical stores the buyer always has to search to find the best offer.

Time, as they say, is money. This is why companies like Coastal Coasters, offer custom coaster printing services with a turnaround time of fewer than 24 hours. 

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