Best Popcorn Kernels


Negosentro.comBest Popcorn KernelsWant to create the exquisite cinema experience at your home with your TV screens right in front of you? Then, there is something that can add up to your delight in addition to your favorite movie and TV system. Popcorns that are unflavored, buttery or flavored delectables are the choices you need to select from.

Before you make the popcorn kernels pop in you air stoves, microwaves or the air poppers you need to know about the types of kernel that are available in markets

Types of kernels

  • Butterfly shaped: These kernel have several wings protruding out and are easier to be crushed due to delicate shape. They are often buttered.
  •  Mushroom shaped: These kernels are popped to a small baseball shape that makes it suitable for the sugar coating or add-ins of chocolate or syrup drizzle.

Things to be considered while buying

  • Type of kernel
  • Freshness
  • Type of packing
  • Quantity offered
  • Zero additives
  • Organically grown varieties

Now we will help you go through different varieties of kernels that are available as per your taste, demand, affordability and nutritional requirements.

Amish country popcorn

  • The Amish country popcorn is among the best selling kernels offered in 6- pound bag that is a plus point for the ultimate popcorn lovers. 
  • The kernels are super easy to digest due to their hull less  nature .These are convenient to eat for the consumers with braces as they do not get stuck in between the teeth.
  • The kernels are naturally grown with zero additives and free from the GM substances.
  • The kernels are offered in fluffy texture and the gourmet taste is enhanced due to the freshness that is kept for over a year.
  • They are sold at an affordable price with an extra recipe book to aid you in pleasing your savory buds.

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Orville Redenbacher’s gourmet popcorn kernels

  • The Orville Redenbacher popcorn kernels are yellow orange kernels with crunchy and fluffy texture and comforting flavor.
  • The popcorns produced are 100 percent natural and free from any kind of additives, harmful GMOs and artificial flavoring.
  • Striking a perfect balance between the crunchy exterior and the fluffy inside these kernels come in well designed container with lid that allow easy pouring in the popper And lid keeps  the contents fresh.
  • The 8 liters packing is a blessing for the popcorn lovers who want to devour a whole lot.


  • Some of the kernels might not pop that results in wastage of about 10% of the contents and is indicative of poor storage conditions. 

Great northern 2.5-ounce popcorn packs, case of 24

  • If you want the popcorns but avoid the hassle and mess then the Great Northern popcorn packed in 2.5 ounces serving for one or two people is the choice you need to make. The individual portion packs minimize the wastage and you do not have to deal with the leftovers.
  • The packs are tightly sealed to prevent the air flow and this keeps freshness of the kernels. 
  • No harmful additives are added except for the usual salt and butter coat. 
  • The 24 item bundles adds up the advantage of long term use and minimum mess 


  • The kernels need dry environment and turn chewy in humid environment.

Snappy white popcorn

  • The Snappy popcorns are simple, healthy popcorns with gourmet like taste and easy to chew texture.
  • The mushroom shaped kernels are perfect for the chocolate drizzle and candy coating. The popcorns popped are healthy with no artificial flavors, additives and GMOs.
  • They offer gourmet taste and texture that melts in the mouth and kernels are highly pop able that makes us get maximum of the container.


  • The kernels might take longer time to pop.
  • The production methods might not be 100 percent natural.

Jolly Time Popcorn Kernels 

  • The popcorn kernels are seasoned and ready to be popped and eaten to provide you inexpensive cinema like experience.
  • They are made of whole grain, GMO free and free from saturated fat.
  • The Jolly popcorn kernels come in 6, 8 or 16 ounce packages with 36 packs.
  • They are a yummy treat offered in affordable price with perfect balance of salt, oil and popcorn


  • The packaging doesn’t reveal the content 

The popcorn kernels you have to buy solely depend upon your taste, choice, money and nutritional requirement. We hope this article helps you to make the right choice.