How online schooling has an advantage over the conventional learning system

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The demand for online schooling has increased significantly over the past few years. Because it tends to offer more affordable and flexible study options compared to the conventional learning system. As online education system is simply the perfect way to maintain a balance between work, family and study. 

With the advancement in technology, online schools provide an opportunity to get online lectures and meanwhile, the students can interact with each other or with the teacher through different online portals and video conferencing software. With all these facilities it is easier to attend classes from anywhere at any time.

Online learning system offers flexibility to those students who are committed to work and family, with online schooling, they can continue their education with all other things. While in the conventional education system students have to devote more time to attain knowledge. 

Same as online schools are cheaper than conventional schools. Therefore, more and more students are turning towards the online education system.

With the online schooling trends report 2018, the demand for online schooling among students increased by 30% and expected to grow more in the future. Whereas, the traditional schools also adopting the online lecture system to meet the new demand. With the increase in demand, the traditional schools are now offering online middle school classes as well. Moreover, special education service is also available for particular students. Children who need more time, individual attention and selective learning these new online schooling setups are best for their growth and success.

Additionally, high schools programs are the hardest to keep the students involved. The health complications, transportation issues or family responsibilities keep students out of the classrooms, and the online schooling setups are the best platform for those. Online high school programs are gaining fame due to affordability and flexibility. Students can access more efficiently and gain education online while avoiding the stressful features of the traditional learning environment. Online high school students also benefit from working directly with technology, having more individual attention from teachers and by having more convenient access to course material.

For all those students and families who find tradition classroom system inconvenient and looking for some alternative path. The online education system grant as a favour to them. 

Online high schools are essential for special students or for those who are living in rural areas because the conventional schools/ colleges may far from their homes. Same for the special children parents find it risky to send their children to overcrowded classrooms. Students who are easily distracted, feel depressed by the bullying of rivals, or in need of full attention by the teacher may find the online environment best fitted for them. There are so many factors that students or parents should consider when they are researching for the best online high school, including the course they are offering, style of the programs and cost. For this, they should consider the special needs of their child. Such as does their child wants an entirely online environment or the blended one, how the teacher and student will interact, or what other opportunities they are offering the students etc. It is also essential to understand their academic standards and assessments to ensure that the student will get a quality education. Similarly, highly trained faculty is also crucial for the growth of the child so ensure that the instructor should be trained and qualified according to your child’s needs. 

There are three conventional approaches to online learning at the high school level:

Supplemental that helps the student to take extra classes while still studying under the conventional school. So many students took benefit from this.

Hybrid learning approach allows the students the flexibility and self-paced in the study. This approach provides strong support to digital learners. 

Homeschooling is another approach that offers a variety of online courses. This approach is best for those parents who want their child to learn and grow under their reflection. These courses also assist those parents who are not highly qualified. 

Although online high schools provide the student with strong support and resources, for example, writing a research paper while enrolled in online high school is challenging for students. For this online high schools offers writing centres, and these centres provide resources on how to structure a paper, how to cite sources, and how to avoid grammar error. Another vital support provided by online high schools is tutoring centres. In which the student and the tutor both are online at the same time as a live session where students can complete their assignments with the help of tutors. 

Hence, the demand for online education is increasing among students and parents as well. Because as we discussed above, online education structure is more effective for individuals than the old classroom method. It focuses on individual success and growth, whereas it is impossible in a traditional system where an instructor has to manage a large number of students at the same time.

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