Baseball – Rules, Tactics and Training

Negosentro | Baseball – Rules, Tactics and Training | Apparently, the beginnings of this game goes back to the times of ancient Egypt. Baseball is the most popular sport in Japan. Only in high school competitions more than 4,000 teams take part, during the final meetings life on the streets and in the offices dies. Mattinglybaseball gives you more advice on choosing the best equipment and also gives detailed information on baseball.

Attack wins

The match starts with the defense team taking the position (pitcher, catcher and seven players in the field) and the first batter of the attacking team. The order of players in batter position must be maintained throughout the match. The ball is put into play by the pitcher, who must stand on his base during the pitch.

A correctly thrown ball should pass through the rectangle, which is limited by the home base lines and the height of the batter’s knees and shoulders. If the pitcher misses the pitch four times, then the opponent gets the first base, and the next player stands in batter’s position. Teams do not change their role until they are eliminated, that is, knocking out three players from the attacking team.

The match lasts nine such rounds, called innings, and the final score is the sum of the points scored during the entire match. Only the attacking team scores points. You can’t win without an attack. A point is earned for running sequentially through all bases, ending at the home base. The whole problem is that you can fall out of the game during this run.

Out and safe

If you are unlucky, you may not even run a subway, because if you do not hit a correctly imposed ball three times in a row, you are “out”. If you hit the ball so that it is directly caught by the opponent’s glove – you are “out”. For balance – if you send it off the pitch, you have the so-called home run, which means you earn a point without hurry, running around the bases and listening to the applause of the stadium.

Usually, however, it is a sprint to get to the base as soon as possible where you are “safe” before the opponent standing on that base receives the ball. If the ball reaches the base you want to score in front of you, or the opponent holding it touches you during your run – you are “out”. You must run in a straight line between the bases. If you stray to avoid getting hit by the ball, you’re out. Even if you reached the base before the ball, but did not keep your foot on the base – the opponent has the right to touch you with the ball – you are also “out”.

You don’t have to get all bases right after you hit. You can do it in stages, using the play of your teammates, who in turn enter the batter’s position. In this way, up to three of his partners may be on the pitch before hitting the batter, each on a different base. Remember, however, that only one player may be on one base – the one who reached her first. You can better analyze the game up close by getting Dodgers tickets and experiencing the beautiful game live.

Of course, the game can be stopped without any changes in player position or with automatic allocation of bases to attacking players. It depends on the mistake made by one of the teams and its interpretation by the referee. Those interested in the detailed regulations are referred to the website, to the Baseball Basics department.

The trainer is right

The coach (must have the same outfit as the players) is the most important person on the team and is always right. If it is not there – see the previous sentence. It is the coach who decides about the tactics of the game, determines the service and determines the order of players before the match and their changes during it. Baseball tactics only seemingly boil down to hitting and running. In fact, many factors are taken into account – from the way the players pass the ball, through the ability to play on individual positions, player preferences, match result, and the number of exits.

Sometimes it is deliberately ordered to make a wrong move, which allows you to move the most dangerous opponent to a position where he can do the least damage to us. Game analysis is compared by some baseball fanatics to chess. Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but there are quite a few nuances. Fortunately, TV journalists, commenting on the match, refer to specific rules, so you not only get sucked into the game quickly, but also quickly begin to understand its rules.


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