How Improving Your Shop Shelving Improves Your Bottom Dollar

Shop Shelving

If you own a business that focuses on selling retail merchandise and products to customers, having the right shop shelving is something you should take seriously. While the actual products you sell are the cornerstone of your retail establishment, the reality is that where your products sit and are displayed is nearly as important. It might seem unimaginable that this would make a difference, but it does.

The way a display looks, where you have fixtures located, and what elements are present all have an effect on the attention that the products get. Essentially, what you want is an environment where your shop shelving highlights your products and draws customers where you want them to be. Today we’re going to look at things to consider in terms of the shelving that can make a huge difference on sales and customers being attracted to products.

Consider the Way Customers Shop

It’s important to think about the way that a customer goes through your establishment. In most cases, this tends to be in a counter-clockwise manner. What does that mean for your shop? It means that whatever display you offer that is to the right of your entrance is premium space. This is a space that most customers are going to be paying attention to. As such, it can be a good idea to use your best shelving to showcase high-profit items for sale.

Where to Place Staple Goods

Another thing you want to consider is where to place staple goods. For a supermarket, this means things like bread, eggs, and milk while an office supply store might prioritise ink cartridges and printer paper. The best option is often to place these items as far from the entrance as possible. This creates a situation where your customers spend longer in the store and see more of your products.

The Importance of Eye-Level Shop Shelving

If you have your layout ready to go, it’s time to consider the shelving. One of the first places to think about is the shelving that will be eye-level for customers. This is another area where high-value items should be. You should use quality shelving for these items and make them accessible to your customers. The easier they are to see and access, the more likely your profits will go up by placing them.

Consider the Atmosphere of the Store

Another thing to consider with shop shelving is that type best represents the business you are marketing. For example, a stripped-down option with inexpensive shelving might be great for a discount shop while a high-end store might want to go to the extreme opposite. Think about what kind of atmosphere your customers expect and base the shelving and other fittings you use on that knowledge. Go with shelving of bamboo or transparent plastic if that fits what you’re selling or go with moulded plastic if that fits the shop you are running.

Think About the Size of Your Retail Space

If you have a store that is smaller than average, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Square footage can be expensive and not every shop needs to be sprawling. When you have a store with limited space, shop shelving choices are especially important. Implementing wall storage can allow you to make use of your vertical space as well as the rest of the space in your store. It can make your business feel less cluttered and still offer a way to show off your products.

No matter what sort of business you run, having great fittings and shop shelving is a must. The experts at your local shop fitting supplier store can help you ensure your store is exactly what you and your customers want it to be.

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