How Hotels Use Art to Stand Out (Infographic)

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Fred Gruber, NegosentroArt is one the most effective way to catch attention and that is exactly what many hotels are doing nowadays. From boutique hotels to design hotels, the industry nowadays takes advantage of distinctive art pieces to enhance the décor, feel, and ambiance of their real estate. In recent years, hotels across the world have started to feature artwork on the blank space of their lobbies, as well as on their public space and guest rooms.

Many hotels use commissioned art pieces to adorn their diverse properties in order to evolve their brand into an innovative and creative entity that foster unique culture. In return, it also allows them to attract guests who seek out unique experiences while traveling.

Meanwhile, others are also taking their commitment to art much further, with hotels even hosting art and photography exhibits which feature the work of the local artist as well of visiting artists. That said, many budget-friendly hotels are also jumping on the art bandwagon by displaying original, cool, and modern artwork created by local artist. This not only allows them to make a name for their own but also provides the local art scene the opportunity to show off their skills to the community.

To better understand the importance of art in the hotel industry, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from Accent and Frame which discusses the different ways hotels use art to stand out today.  


  • As a Marketing Strategy – Art has become a primary marketing strategy for hotels to attract more guests and improve their customer experience.
  • As Symbol of Luxury – Many luxury hotels display exquisite paintings and art installation to incorporate class to their brand image.
  • As Expansion of Hotel Experience – Hotels who acquire unique and renowned artworks use it to augment the hotel experience they offer to their guests.
  • As a Brand Story Medium – Some hotels also incorporate art to share their identity and brand’s story to their guests.


To learn more, check out the infographic below.

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