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Jessica Paul, NegosentroBranding does wonders for any company. By branding you etch your name in the history books and for the generations to come. A brand could be the company itself or it could be a product/service that you deal in. what stays in the hearts and minds of the people is the name of the brand

The idea is to let that brand stay atop of your audience’s heart and mind. So why should be branding be an integral part of your business. Let us find out:

Develop a Name for your Brand

If your business or company is new than you have to become very careful with what name you come up with. It is essential because with the help of name that can stick with your audience is how you are going to sell products or market your services. The selection of name has to be on point.

Take your time, develop a name but beware it does not have to be lame nor cringe worthy (for obvious reasons). The selection should be as subtle as possible and where you don’t have to change it later. It should be a well-thought out name or else it can backfire, and I mean backfire badly.

You cannot copy other’s brand, which would be copyright and trademark infringement or just downright plagiarism. Although, you are free to derive inspiration from other brands out there but don’t go replicating or creating a rip off of that brand. It is both unoriginal and ethically wrong.

Moreover, people would associate your brand with that notable name in the market. With time your brand would seemingly disappear. So to save yourself from such fate, don’t copy and do your homework in coming up with a name for your brand (a thorough one at that!).

In the case, where you are not a newly established entity, it is best to focus your attention towards either BTL or ATL activities since you don’t have to indulge in choosing a name for your brand. You already have a footprint in the market. Look to investing in advertising such as billboards, TV commercials, radio jingles and so on so forth. Introduce a new packaging among other things.

Opt for a Color scheme and Design a Logo for your Brand

This can get quite tricky for the people since when it comes to selection of the colors for your brand, they tend to go overboard with the colors. It is easier to get carried away, is all I am saying. People become confused as to which colors will work for them and which will not.

Heck, they even forget whom the target audience is for their products and services. As an entrepreneur, you have to be very wise in order to penetrate the market or increase awareness for your brand. If you have strong foothold in the market, then you should consider leaving your color scheme as is but if you witness your sales plummeting or a rival is killing away your share, color scheme might do the trick.

Logo design is another aspect that you need to take control of. The design should be in line with your company motto. It cannot be just anything. It has to hand in glove with your color selection for the brand. It can neither be something which is offensive to people. Different symbols mean different things to people under different cultures.

This factor must always be borne in mind. You cannot afford to not account for taste, habits and customs of your target population.

Write a Compelling Press Release

No matter what the size of your organization is, if you can write a compelling press release you are doing better than most businesses at increasing brand awareness. Press release is often used to announce new arsenal of products and/or services but the latest is that entrepreneurs are using it to make announcements about events and info related to their products/services.

Here, you have to exercise care as the piece should newsworthy and should not be crap written in journalistic format, complying with PR standards. You can get help from how businesses such as Yahoo and Google write their PRs.

Employ videos to your Advantage

Videos garners the most attention as YouTube has revolutionized the way we used to engage with video content. More and more businesses are relying on the power of videos to increase brand awareness and market their products/services. You should too, as an entrepreneur.

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