5 Ways You Can Promote Your Startup Business

Fundraising Promote Your Startup Business

Tenny Recio, NegosentroStarting your own business is a commendable move and a great way to take the course of life into your own hands. If you have a unique idea that can sell, a startup is definitely worth the effort. However, it’s true that even the best ideas can go unnoticed if you, as the person behind it all, fail to market it properly. Therefore, the main factor that can affect your business success is your marketing tactic. With that in mind, take a look at the following promotional ideas that can make your startup visible to your target audience.

1. Great website

As mentioned, you need to know who your target audience is before you launch any marketing campaigns. Once you do that, you can focus on your main marketing tool today – your website. These days, the majority of people are looking for products and services online. Therefore, you have to take care of your SEO and website design so that Google ranks you high in the search results for the keywords you want to rank for. Of course, in order to attract the audience, you need to make sure that your site is informative, functional, responsive and user-friendly.

2. Social media activity

Remember, a great website and online presence can always be greater. This is where social media channels come in. In order to extend your reach, you should make use of the most popular social media platforms. Of course, post relevant content that your target audience would find useful and engaging. Moreover, make sure that you’re consistent with your posts. Once you have a significant following and start getting positive testimonials on your social media, incorporate the feedback into your website as well.

3. Ask for advice

There’s nothing wrong with asking your prospects for advice. Actually, this is only going to make your potential customers more interested in your startup. You can post polls on social media and use any other channel to get suggestions and constructive criticism. Obviously, you have to be very professional and not let yourself get dragged into drama and arguments. This practice will effectively break the corporate image wall and make the customers feel closer to you. Nowadays, this is one of the steps you need to take if you aim for success.

4. Find the right influencers

You can try to promote your startup on your own, but it’s a lot more effective to connect with the most important influencers in your respective niche. Of course, it would be great to try some face-to-face networking as well, but if that doesn’t seem possible at the moment, don’t hesitate to reach out to some of the well-respected advocates in the industry online. You may think that working with others may lower your chance of success but that’s actually an amateur way of thinking. The influencers have a great base of followers and they can send the ideal target audience your way. You can also submit your startup on Trendy Startups to promote your business online prominently.

5. Provide incentives

Never underestimate the power of a discount or special treatment. Moreover, the urgency factor can work in your favor as well. You can utilize the youth of your business in order to attract more customers. Offering discounts and even VIP treatment is a great way to make people feel interested in becoming a part of your “family” and seeing you grow. Of course, don’t forget about the good old promotional goodies. This is a timeless practice that will always be worth the investment regardless of the digital age we live in. Giving out things such as pens and personalized diaries by Aussie Custom Diaries is certainly a smart move. You can also consider personalized USB sticks, water bottles, umbrellas, etc.

In the end, the value of your product/service, as well as your professional yet positive and friendly conduct, will be the key ingredients in your marketing strategies. There’s no point in investing into promotions if your startup business cannot deliver. Your best effort in entrepreneurship and marketing will put your business on the map soon enough.

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