Fix Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive in Windows 10

Fix Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive in Windows 10 | Fix Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive in Windows 10 | There are many people use the Kingston flash drive to save business documents, personal data, and backup files, the reason of the Kingston pen drive is world-famous. But facing Kingston pen drive could corrupt  is arguably the most frustrating error on Windows.

If you got the Kingston pen drive is corrupted on windows 10, there is no need to surprised as almost every windows user has probably got this error once or more times, That is, this error is fairly common for windows users. the most frustrating of sometimes, without leaving any time to chance to transfer the important files.  So there are solutions to help you recover lost data and tell you how to fix corrupted Kingston pen drive from MiniTool. This post will help you recover lost data and tell you how to fix corrupted Kingston pen drive.

Causes of Kingston Flash Drive Failure

First, here is a brief description of what cause corruption on a Kingston pen drive..

Possible causes :

  • NAND memory wear: the NAND flash memory is failed due to long use time.
  • USB driver issues: the driver of Kingston flash drive is missing or conflicting with others.
  • Broken USB connector: the connector used to connect Kingston drive and computer is damaged.
  • Virus attack: the Kingston flash drive can easily get corrupted when it is attacked by virus.
  • Program/OS crash: the programs running on the drive is damaged somehow, resulting in data corruption. 
  • Insufficient/unstable power supply: if the power supply of your Kingston drive is not enough or unstable, it will cause damage to it.
  • Human error: if you use or eject the Kingston pen drive improperly, damage will also be brought.
  • Physical damage: if the pen drive has oil/water stain or if it fell to the ground, it may be broken physically and cause irreversible failure.

After knowing causes for corruption on a Kingston pen drive, next let’s talk about how to fix.

Before fixing corruption on a Kingston pen drive , you’d better recover data from pen drive, you need to get a powerful and reliable recovery tool. I highly recommend MiniTool Power Data Recovery which enjoys high reputation among millions of users avoid data loss.

Fix Corrupted Kinston Pen Drive

First of all, you need to make sure the Kingston flash drive is showing up on your computer.

  1. If the Kingston pen drive is not detected on Windows Explorer, you should open Windows Disk Management to have a look. If  it  appear in Disk Management, the problem is probably caused by missing drive letter or drive letter conflict. Therefore, you should check Change Drive Letter and Paths; also, you can also make use of the Change Drive Letter function of MiniTool Partition Wizard.
  2. If you still can’t see the pen drive on  Disk Management, then, there are some physical problems of the pen drive(also includes computer settings are not correct and USB port or data cable is broken), you’d  better to reset the computer or Plug the USB drive into another USB port, if it still does not work, then buying a new one has to be executed.
  3. There’s an uncommon reason for Kingston pen drive not showing up – the entire disk turns into unallocated space. At this time, you should right click on the unallocated space and choose New Simple Volume to create a new partition on it.Fix Corrupted Kingston Pen Drive 3
  4. If the Kingston pen drive  of the driver are damaged/corrupted, it also can’t be detected by PC, so it should be update all the driver to latest version.
  5. If the Kingston pen drive can be recognized before you have make changes to your computer recently, you should uninstall recently installed software & hardware for revert the changes and try again.
  6. If you received the error of the disk is write-protected,It also lose access to your Kingston pen drive data. It appears when you are opening both the drive and a certain folder. There is a good way to secure your data documents, folders, and drives of the write protection  by using physical mechanism. No one add, delete, or modify the files under protection if you didn’t  allowed.

All in all, that is how you can fix the Kingston pen drive is corrupted on windows 10. If you tried other solutions that help you solve this problem, I would be very glad if you shared that experience with me.