Use social media platforms according to your goals and objectives

social media platforms
Image source: | Use social media platforms according to your goals and objectives | Nowadays people are active on multiple social media platforms and use each one of them in a manner that suits their purpose.  Social media platforms are distinctive in their characteristics though the basic aim for all of them is to connect online and be popular with the audience. This is reflected in many users who buy Instagram likes to boost their engagement.

Focus and Cross selling

People who use social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter along with other platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are clear about the functionalities of each of these platforms. They judiciously categorize each one of them which brings out the best in terms of reach, popularity, ranking and revenue generation. People use Twitter for contents which are short and meant for expressing views and connecting with others. Facebook has been used for socializing from day one and YouTube for video marketing etc.

But things are changing rapidly with each platform continuously upgrading their features using new technologies, the exclusive and distinct features of each one of them are getting blurred and users are now cross-selling their content on different platforms.

As a marketeer, one may think of how to optimize content for each platform, often grouping them for similar activities instead of looking at each platform in a specific manner.

Different uses of social sites

In this blog, we will see the different social media classified into broadly five general categories which would allow people to focus on the accordingly for achieving their objectives.

  1. Social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are no longer used only for connecting with friends, colleagues, and or old school mates. It has become more of a relationship network where one can help their business through lead generation, customer service, building relationships – personal and professional apart from connecting online for sharing information and ideas.
  1. Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat allows one to share videos and photos. This mode of communication helps in brand awareness of any product or service and looks for greater audience engagement. However, there is an overlapping of social networks and media networks nowadays with people using both textual and video content across the platforms for optimum returns.
  1. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, there are other sites primarily used for discussion and information seeking. Sites like Quora and Reddit are excellent for getting valuable information and a great source of market research. Here people connect and see what others are discussing as generally the level of information is quite honest and reliable. 
  1. Some unique sites like Pinterest and Flipboard are popular curators of textual contents and digital bookmarkers. Here people share, save and discuss trending contents and are a great source for networking, creating brand awareness, and driving traffic. Sites like Pinterest allows people to pin images to blog posts and gives them a good visual representation of their textual contents.
  1. There are platforms like Instagram that allow users to save their content and also have private collections other than what is shared publicly. 

Many marketers find certain platforms restrictive but there are service providers such as SubscriberZ who know how to leverage the strength of each medium according to its capabilities.