The First Time of Hosting a Webinar in My WordPress Website – What Should I Do?


Erica Silva, Negosentro |  Did you hear webinars hundreds of time in somewhere? You could not remember where to get this term, but you still ensure that you heard it. It is not important to find out the place to know it for the first time. Instead, try to discover what it is and how it works; especially on your Word Press website. Then, you enable to run a webinar by yourself like you are driving a boat in the wave of a stream! Here is how…

Know some information about a webinar first

Well, a webinar has several forms such as a presentation, a workshop, a meeting, etc. The minor difference between hosting a webinar and publishing a video is the collaborative element the former provides. Participants consistently view webinars in true time and there is usually the option for them to take part in by giving answering questions or asking the points they want to discuss.


This kind of seminar gives a brilliant way to add more individuals to touch to your website and more prospects engage your product or service as well. For instance, Neil Patel often uses webinar on a regular basis to attract more customers to access his website. This is a good way to build the traffic to his website!

Other businesses also try this platform and calculate the performance of their websites or landing pages as well.

How to host a webinar from your Word Press website precisely

I choose the Google Hangouts because this is a common structure for everyone and all newbies can make a connection between Google Hangouts and YouTube. If you are an advanced user, then you could find other supported programs such as Webinars On Air, Instabuilder, GoToWebinar, Webinar Jam, etc.

Make a Google account first

This step is for those who do not have a Google account ready, you ought to sign in for free. Access the Google page and follow the instructions to create your Google account.

When logging in Google, you need to go to YouTube Live and click on My Channel on the left side of your screen.

Please note that your name will link to the one related to your Google account and it could not be changed. Moreover, you probably want to check YouTube’s terms of use before clicking on Create Channel.

Once you have your YouTube channel, you ought to make an event by choosing Live Streaming on the left menu. Then, you click the Events and hit the Enable Live Streaming button. Then, you will be asked to type your country and verify your account through automated voice message or a text. After completing the verification process, choose Continue.

At that time, you click the Create Live Event button and come with all the details for your webinar on the next console. You should determine your own title, date, and time. There are some incredible resources to support you do this.

Then, choose Quick for Hangouts on Air under Type. You also may change your event between Public and Unlisted or Private. The public is accessible to everyone. Unlisted could be viewed by anyone with the URL. Private is limited to those who you invite individually.

At this moment, you own all of your standard information. You ought to pick the Advanced settings tab to other customize your webinar. There are several options to make up on your mind, consisting of live chat, allocating license as well as ownership. Set up the category, language, and the right location are not difficult to your webinar.

Another great feature is that you ought to run your webinar on your YouTube channel when it flows and applying the Promotion option. Furthermore, you may change the settings for your recording and DVR.

These will help your viewers to review back during the stream. When you have all the settings that you want to, do not forget to hit the Save Changes button. This is the time to put the webinar on your website.

Add your webinar to your Word Press website

Add your webinar to your website means that you should surrender the live chat function. Nevertheless, do not worry about this point as you will have another opportunity to use other options such as Word Press Live Chat Support plugin, the comments section of the wanted page for your webinar.

To embed the webinar, you should put a link and make a copy. Click on View on Watch Page in the upper right side of the console. Then, you will be gotten to the YouTube page where your webinar will perform.

Before your webinar starts, the page will show a blank screen and a countdown timer to the date you posted earlier. This is a link that you should copy. Do it immediately and paste it into the page where you wish to place to the webinar.

In this phase, you will see a screen with your Google identifier and a play button only. Similarly, you click on this button will have the same countdown timer. Once your webinar is ready to run, the play button will work as a usual.  

The Video module is for those who are advanced users. They can paste the URL to the first section under the General Settings tab. Moreover, this also helps you to increase the style of your video by putting an overlay or creating changes to the play button as well.

After finishing the process, do not forget to find and invite attendees to join in your event. Use email marketing method is not a bad idea to attract more audiences to know your webinar and your brand as well.


Basically, it is not complicated to run a webinar by yourself. You enable to do it by yourself through some tools as I mentioned before. If your budget is bigger, then you could think of an agency. Everything has both sides, so consider what side you can agree.


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