Simple Guide for Creating a Classy Personal Website

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Negosentro | Simple Guide for Creating a Classy Personal Website | Stepping into any modern market will require you to put yourself out there in some form. This is true when applying for a new job, promoting your business, or simply sharing your ideas and viewpoints. Whatever the case may be, you have to present yourself in a unique way and set yourself apart from others. Formerly people would hand out resumes in order to do this. However, this proved to be somewhat ineffective since these sheets of paper soon became simply indistinguishable from one another. Luckily, there is a way better alternative: personal websites. Here is everything you should know about creating a classy personal website. 

Create a webpage with the purpose

When you decide you want to create a personal website it is important to do so with the big picture in mind. There are things to consider that will make all of the feature implementations and the decision-making along the way much more sensible. You are ultimately building a website on a great foundation. Think of actionable goals that will allow you to measure progress and stay on the right path. For instance, it is a good idea to imagine what kind of audience you would love to make a website for. This will determine your design and functionality as you go. In addition to that, this will allow you to deliver content that is more to the point and relevant.  

Feature an ‘About Me’ section

Your website should also have a section that tells people what they can expect from you and your website. This is like your digital business card. You can use this to quickly inform your visitors about who you are and what you specialize in. If you are running a business, you should also disclose details about that too. For instance, you can offer a quick intro about why you started that business and what you specialize in today. Pictures are a great addition here because they allow you to connect with your visitors better, and it makes the site feel more human.  In the header section of your page place your personal or company name, next to that make sure to add your personal photo or even company logo.

Choose a good domain name

Choosing a good domain name is important when starting a personal website since this is the first thing that users will see when coming across your page on the search engine results page (SERP). If your domain name is easy to spell, memorize and type out, you are on the right track. A good domain name will allow you to make your website that much more credible. There are very clever domain name solutions out there such as the me domain, that bring with it a certain degree of personality. It makes the website feel closer to the individual visiting it.  Your choice of domain name should also be directed toward creating coherence. ‘What you see is what you get’ should be a good general rule to apply here since you want visitors to make an unambiguous choice when entering your page. If it is not what they were looking for, you will simply get an unnecessary spike in your bounce rate. Additionally, a verified and trusted domain name will allow you to index your page properly as part of good SEO practice.

Work on your UX design

Implementing good user experience (UX) design on your personal website is beneficial for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it will definitely make your website more user-friendly, which will directly boost your important performance metrics. If you are trying to create a strong following for your page this is going to be a must-have, since good UX is always received well. The simplicity of good UX lies in the fact that page sections and individual features are much easier to find. Apart from UX, there is also the UI part of the design which is responsible for making your website visually appealing. This will make your users want to stay longer, driving your dwell time metrics. In addition, you are likely going to see higher conversion rates and more visitor returns. Simply because a good website is hard to forget. 

Host a blog

Adding a blog to a personal website will serve as an additional layer because it is essentially an even bigger platform where you can post content and updates. Blog posts will also allow you to secure more visits since people are constantly searching for articles that will help them learn new things and solve problems. This is precisely how you should use this platform; to promote your expertise and establish yourself as an authority figure in the process. A blog is a great place to create a community since people love commenting on and sharing articles.

In conclusion, making a personal website is an excellent way to promote anything that you might want. Just make sure to target the right audience. Feature an ‘About Me’ section that will allow you to do that easily. A good domain name will make all the difference. Incorporate good UX design rules as well to make the website easier to use. Lastly, share interesting and informative articles and genuinely help out people in that way. You will have a strong community of people around your website in no time. 


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