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Negosentro | SMM – one by one | Today we know SMM as one of the most efficient strategies for product promotion. The more social media we use, the more spectacular result is. But there’s a big difference between using various social media for internet marketing. So what specificities does each social network has? And how the specialists of the company can help you?

What is SMM?

SMM, or Social Media Marketing – is an approach that offers using social media for business development. By applying tactics of this approach, you can get benefits in the matters of:

  • lead generation;
  • increasing the number of prospects;
  • brand recognition;
  • building a community;
  • sustaining relations with your partners and customers.

But to get all those benefits, you should consider your strategy carefully, according to the directions each network tends to support. Building an SMM strategy also suggests you be easily adaptable to the trends and tendency changes. Otherwise, you won’t keep up with the speed of circulating content, which will lead to low productivity. 

The most popular social media for SMM strategies

We know so many social webs. Some of them are local others are spread worldwide. But as for the marketing needs, you have to use only well-known sources that have a developed system for business accounts use (or at least universal for personal and business use). Today we know six of them that have already gained popularity as SMM tools, and one more becoming more and more popular in this role.


It is one of the oldest social networks for business as well. Facebook is the best for creating and supporting relations, discussing and streaming, informing and notifying. It is known as one of the best to aid lead generation and expand brand recognizability.


This platform is the best tool for useful and valuable content publishing. By uploading such videos, you create a good ground for community development. Another point is that here, SEO means and ads are used widely.


A platform is perfect for interaction with the community and applying influencer marketing strategies. It is as well possible on the other platforms but to a smaller extent. It is also a good space for a shopping organization or sharing the company values. 


A specific network created by professionals for professionals, so the marketing tactics with LinkedIn are pretty special too. Though, it is a great possibility to attract not only customers but partners as well. With this source like nowhere else, you can present your company and brand as a reliable business to have deals with. 


Brevity is the soul of wit in terms of using Twitter for business. But the pitfall people face is that on Twitter you should be even more active and frequent. This platform is convenient for customer support profiles, sharing news, and running discussions.


A relatively new platform that skyrocketed in a moment compared to the other social networks. However, it became a popular ground for marketing strategies. The main thing to pinpoint is the entertaining nature of the content that should be saved to make it work. 


A ground is widespread for sharing ideas and inspiring with aesthetic pictures and videos. As the content here is entirely visual, it’s an opportunity for shopping organization and other tactics that would benefit from the visibility of your content.

To hold a bottom line, numerous possibilities for applying the SMM approach exist. It’s not necessary to use all the social media ever known – you need to choose those options that correspond to your peculiarities best. To make your strategy work use the advantage to address the Belkins team.

Negosentro | SMM – one by one

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