How to find a good movers and packers company

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James Sutton, Negosentro.comThe process of moving can be quite daunting. The entire thought of packing your life’s belonging into a moving truck can be unnerving for many of us. Doing a little research before will help you save much money and insurance claims.  

Here are a few steps to help you find the right movers and packers before you start packing your first box.

  • Look for recommendations


This is easier if you are moving within city limits or close by. You can ask your coworkers, friends and extended family who have had recent experience with packing and moving services.

Alternatively, you can start by looking for companies on Yelp. Check their online profiles. A reliable company will have legitimate testimonials and reviews like the All N 1 Stop Moving and Storage.

  • Start screening

You will find hundreds of packers and movers in your area who will be more than ready for the job. You need to pick the best from the hundred. Make sure they can offer all you need. Do a quick background check, AMSA membership is voluntary, so not being a member should not be a deal-breaker as long as other factors are verifiable.

  • Get an in-home estimate

By the end of the screening, you should have at least 3-4 who can give you a written estimate. Non-binding estimates are legal. According to the US Department of Transportation, the final cost can be more than the estimate.

  • Get all details from the estimator before he leaves

You need to find out how long the company has been in service in your area. By the end of the procedure, you should have the following details –

  • Full name and location details of the company
  • Contact information including mobile, office number, email, and website
  • Names for business references
  • MC and USDOT license numbers
  • A copy of Your Rights and responsibilities from the USDOT
  • Compare your estimates

You should keep a folder of all the estimate details from your final list of movers and packers. You need to compare the bids from all companies and see who is offering the most at the lowest prices.

  • Check with contenders

You can move on to the contenders for more competitive pricing if you think you are not getting a good enough deal. You can check business websites online or call a number in the government-registered list of services from your phone book.

  • Verify certifications

Your chosen company must have an accurate Department of Trade number from the USDoT. You can check this by visiting the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website. Verify your curated details with the detailed on the site.

  • In case of safety violation

If you see any details that raise red flags like the Application Pending, Authority Status, and Safety Rating, alert the authorities at the FMCSA Safety Violation and Consumer Complaints hotline.

Moving is never easy. It involves a lot of financial and emotional turmoil. A good packing and moving company should ease out the process so that you can think about your new life in a new place.

Author Bio: James Sutton has been in the packing and moving business for the last 20 years. He has been working with All N 1 Stop Moving and Storage that helps hundreds of families each month move to a new happy home.

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