Homeowners must play their part well for successful pest control


Samuel Bright, Negosentro.com | Homeowners must play their part well for successful pest control | Many people might feel that pest control does not work for them and squarely blame the agency they hire for the failure. While one has to admit that it is almost impossible to rid pests completely, you can very well minimize its harmful effects through proper pest control services.  Its success depends on not only the quality of services of the exterminator but also on how well you maintain your home to keep pests under control.

For enjoying long-term pest control effects, you must support it well by taking preventive measures against pest infestation at home. By paying attention to pest-proofing, you not only get the right results from pest control services but also save money and avoid frustration. Read on to know about the ways of creating a pest-proof home.

The kitchen must be clean always

How well you manage the food items in the kitchen is critical from the pest control perspective. Food is the most attractive source for parasites and after a real meal; you must clean the kitchen properly to ensure that it is tidy.  

  • Do not leave any food items exposed and dispose of the garbage regularly in sealed packets so that there is no smell of food in the kitchen.
  • Wipe the kitchen tops and floors to remove every bit of food items. Store all food items in closed containers.
  • Keep the kitchen dry and check the sink areas for leakages for immediate repair.

Store ceremonial items used for decorations correctly

Every home celebrates some occasions whether it is Christmas, New Year, or birthdays. Removing the decorations can be a tiresome job but for the sake of pest-proofing your home make sure that you properly pack the items instead of just stacking it carelessly. This is a major step in preventing pests from taking shelter among it during storage. Use tightly closed durable plastic containers for the purpose.

Pay attention to outdoors

Pests that you find at home do not concentrate on indoors only, but many of them abound outdoors. Keeping outdoors clean and tidy is a part of pest control activities that you can take on your own. The winter months are crucial times for keeping outdoors properly maintained so that pests do not find favorable harboring grounds. Keep the yard and roof of the building clean from fallen leaves, branches of trees, and dead bushes that are happy hunting grounds for pests. Keep the roof shingles and gutters free from debris to ensure that there is no stagnated water collected at any point.

Seal all visible gaps

Cracks and crevices are the best places for pests to reside. These are especially visible on home exteriors near the places where pipes and utilities enter the building. Seal all these gaps correctly. Seal the clearance between the bottom of doors and floors so that pests cannot enter by attaching the door sweeps on exterior doors.

If you store firewood in the yard, keep it at least twenty feet away from home and whenever you bring in the woods, wipe it clean so that pests do not adhere to it.

About the author – Samuel Bright is an interior decorator who has been associated with several prestigious real estate projects. He has worked with renowned pest control or exterminator companies. Blogging is his hobby and he communicates with people on issues of concern in home maintenance.

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