Roof Estimates and How All Estimates Are Different

Roof Repair

Julianne Mercer, Negosentro.comJust like everyone you must have also approached several companies for the roof restoration or roof replacement and the estimates offered by them must have been different. There is a reason behind those differences but before explaining those differences you must understand the estimation process and what all it includes. These estimates include several products as well as services offered by the company, so check each and every word and question the services you don’t understand or need but are still added in the bill.

So the items part of these estimations include Shingles (replacement or repair), Flashing, Underlayment, Drip edge, Ice and water shield, Valleys, Ridge vent, Chimney Cricket, Pipes & Fans, Gutters, Soffit & Fascia, Plywood & Sheathing, and Warranties.

Let’s now learn about the reasons for differences in the roof restoration estimates offered to you by different contractors or companies.

Roofing material

There are several types and forms of roofing material available in the market and believe it or not there is real wide difference in the costs of the different materials used. There is asphalt, concrete, clay, metal, and other options available in the market and each roof style requires different raw material for the work. Some raw materials are available at real high cost hence affecting the estimates offered by the contractors.

Size or area of the roof

The quantity of the material to be used in the roof restoration process is also one of the important factors for the price difference. Every contractor has their own criteria to judge the raw material needed for the process; hence their estimates are based on those criteria and quantities. Normally the material for the roof is sold in the units of square not square foot, which is the measurement form of the roof. So while converting every contractor use different technique.

Roofing Components

As it is discussed earlier, unlike what you think there is a lot more items in the estimates apart from shingles and tiles. When all these items like waterproofing products, underlayment, decking, etc. is included in the estimate the cost become higher. The difference occurs because of the work one contractor can do and specializes in. There may be some items which will not be mentioned in the estimate because they don’t know how to handle them. So take a look at those items are they necessary then ask the contractor if they don’t know about it then you know whom to choose and whom to avoid.


The estimate also includes the labor charges for the removal of layers already present on the roof, some contractors strips all the layers hence the cost becomes high some remove only few of them hence the cost is bit low. Removal is one thing, however removing it properly is the main thing and it can be done by experienced professions only, who charge high. Along with removal the estimate also includes the landfill charges which are generally decided based on the weight of the material.


Every contractor offer warranty for the work done by them on your roof with regards to roof restoration process. This warranty includes certain services for a period of time which the contractor will be providing all by themselves. Hence the estimation includes the cost of those services as well, which differ from contractor to contractor. Different contractors add different services in warranty card. This warranty is different from the standard roofing warranty, so don’t think both of them as same.

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