Brow Bone Reduction: The Ultimate Guide

Brow Bone Reduction

Negosentro | Brow Bone Reduction: The Ultimate Guide | A masculine characteristic of the face is a prominent brow. For this reason, most women and men with a prominent forehead seek many ways to minimise or remove it. In such situations, brow bone reduction is the best option.

Anatomy of a Brow Bone Reduction

Brow bone removal is sometimes known as Neanderthal forehead surgery or forehead remodelling. It’s a simple technique that may convert a masculine forehead into a feminine one. This is a common face feminisation surgical technique. Due to the surgical site, most forehead contouring procedures include hairline lowering or brow lift. This gives a great aesthetic appearance.

Reduced brow bone types

Surgeons often employ four brow bone reduction techniques based on your brow bone prominence, the thickness of your frontal sinus wall, frontal sinus volume, and overall forehead. The frontal sinus wall width and brow bone prominence are used to choose the best kind. This covers the size of the frontal sinus and forehead.

Options for Reducing Brow Bone

If you are not a good candidate for brow bone reduction, your doctor may suggest alternative treatments, such as:

  • Brow Squat

If you have short brows, a brow lift may be an alternative to brow bone reduction surgery. This method includes raising the brows higher on the face by adjusting the muscles or skin. Raising the brows may make the forehead seem shorter.

  • Grafting

Hair grafting or hair transplantation may be used to lengthen the brows owing to a high hairline. Using this method, hair follicles from the back of the scalp are transplanted to the front hairline. Hair transplantation may also help shorten the brow.

Non-Surgical Alternatives for Brow Bone Reduction: What You Should Know

Despite the improved success rate of the surgical treatment, some patients choose to achieve their cosmetic goals via non-surgical means, such as fillers, rather than surgery.

A botox brow lift, also called Botox Neanderthal forehead, is a non-surgical alternative to brow bone reduction surgery that is becoming more popular. There are many adverse effects and problems connected with a non-surgical intervention similar to those associated with surgical surgery.

Endoscopic Reduction of the Brow Bone

The frontal bossing treatment, also known as endoscopic brow bone reduction, is a minimally invasive surgery that is safe and effective. It is linked with less edema and bruising than other procedures. A small, undetectable incision may be made on the scalp near the hairline to hide the procedure. 

Consequently, the patient will not be able to notice the relatively tiny wounds that have occurred. Finally, this results in a much faster recovery process. 


The goal of brow bone reduction surgery is to shorten the forehead. This procedure may be right if you believe your brow is too wide for your face. The brows, hairline, and other facial characteristics may induce it.

Consult your doctor before undergoing brow bone reduction and also the side effects. This allows them to rapidly assess your suitability for the therapy and make any changes.

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