Don’t Host an Event Without Reading These Tips

host an event

Watching seasoned emcees, such as Adam Christing, work their magic on audience, there are those who may conclude that some are just born to host. While natural talent helps, however, becoming an effective event host involves so much more. What most people don’t see is the amount of work that emcees put into every hosting gig. Experience is also an important factor as it helps the host consolidate both the work that they put into each event and the natural talent that he already has. Here are some helpful tips for budding MCs from leading event hosts in the industry.

1. Research Is Key

It will be ideal to have enough time to prepare prior to a hosting gig. Use some of it to do some in-depth research. Try to immerse yourself in the particular industry, organization, community or culture of the event that you are hosting. Once you get a feel for it, you’ll be more effective in drafting your script. Make sure to have a good mix of inside looking out and outside looking in anecdotes and jokes.

If the program includes a number of speakers, research them as well. If you can and still have enough time, reach out and get to know them. Some of the speakers may have not so easy to pronounce names, so make sure to ask them how to pronounce their names.

2. Look Up Videos of Similar Events

Such videos will help you get a better feel of the previous events. Look for ways on how you can improve on the previous host’s style and inject your own brand of hosting for the event.

3. Start Out Strong

Try to come out with as much energy as you can. This will rev up your audience in anticipation of things to come. Get in your introduction, a joke or two and then try to get the audience to applaud again to ensure that they are keeping up with your energy.

4. Get Your Audience to Work With You

Make sure your audience can keep up with you. Engage a few of them with questions. Acknowledge their answer by showing genuine interest, a bit of flattery and by making a joke out of their answers. Remember to make fun out of the answer and not out of the guest.

5. Transition Smoothly Into the Theme of the Event

Work your way toward the theme or to the program proper smoothly. Introduce the speakers with the same enthusiasm you had during your intro to get them pumped up for their talks.

6. Pay Attention to Your Audience

After making the connection with your audience early on, make sure that connection remains solid throughout the event, even after a ho-hum talk by a speaker. If you feel that your audience has slipped somewhat, reel them back in with a joke or by engaging them with questions.

7. Keep in Mind That the Event Is Not About You

One of the hallmarks of being a good an event emcee is the success of the event itself. Some emcees make the mistake of treating their hosting gig as being all about them. Don’t steal the show. Sure, you may need to make a name for yourself, but you can achieve this by contributing to the success of the event. This is how you build your rep as an event MC.

As you try to build or overhaul your brand as an event MC, it will be a good idea to play up a quirk that your potential followers and clients can identify easily as yours alone. This way, it will be easier for your potential clients to remember you as you continue to host one successful event after another.