Exhibition Advertising Generated $353 Billion in Sales (2018) Which is More than the GDP of the UK, US, Japan and China Combined!

Exhibition Advertising trade show

Negosentro.com | Exhibitions are a great way of showcasing products, services and information. With so many people choosing to visit exhibitions, it proves that they are still a very effective way of advertising. Of course, many people believe that face-to-face advertising has been left behind by online advertising but this is far from the truth.

The reality of the situation is that in 2018 alone, exhibition advertising generated $353 million in sales. This is a staggering figure but it is a clear indication of just how powerful it is. 

The impact of Exhibitions

Figures speak volumes and the truth of the matter is that exhibition advertising is as strong as ever. We still have that need to meet people in the flesh and get a feel for the products and services that they offer. However, there is another element to the entire process and that is human interaction. Having a greater understanding of what is on offer is made easier when there is real human interaction. Customers have the opportunity to get to know businesses, they can ask real questions and use their emotions to determine whether something feels right to them.

Exhibitions are Still a Global Success

In 180 countries around the world, exhibitions saw 303 million visitors throughout 2018. This footfall alone is of huge significance but it is the spending that it leads to that indicates just how beneficial exhibition advertising can be. The direct spending from exhibitions is astounding, with $137 billion being spent in total, which once again represents proof that exhibitions are still vastly popular. Browse the report here: https://ultimatebanners.co/wp-content/uploads/Global-Economic-Impact-of-Exhibition-Advertising-Worldwide.pdf

Of course, the idea behind exhibitions is to generate interest in products and services in the hope that this interest turns into sales. The result? A huge amount of money is generated not just directly but indirectly. 

Business sales are what many would consider being the litmus test for exhibitions and how successful they are. So, when $353 billion was generated in sales throughout 2018, it instantly showcases the importance of exhibition advertising to economies, businesses and customers.

This is a clear indication that customers still value exhibitions and the way in which they offer a more traditional buying experience. 

Customers Seek an Immersive Experience

There is something intrinsically pleasing and satisfying about being able to view a product in the flesh. The same can be said for finding out more information about a service. While online advertising can provide us with as much information as we need, there is no doubt that exhibition advertising is the real meat and bones of the advertising experience for consumers. They don’t have to work it all out for themselves based on the information that has been presented to them on a screen. They have the ability to delve into a product and find out what it offers. They can ask business owners pressing questions and find out as much as they need to know, in order for them to make an informed decision. 

Exhibition Advertising is Still a Powerful Tool

The level of interaction is what makes exhibition advertising such a rewarding and worthwhile experience for consumers. Businesses are willing to invest time and money into exhibition advertising when they are aware that it is a feasible way of generating income. The economic impact of exhibitions clearly highlights that it is a valued form of advertising for all. When you consider how much it generated in 2018, it is a clear indication that it is still very much valued. What’s more, it is also showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

This article contains research from Ufi.org.

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