7 Effective Ways to Use Banners in your Business Event

Banners in your Business Event

Negosentro.comYou’re planning an event. Did you remember the banners? Banners provide visual cues, atmosphere, and information that can make your event successful. Short on ideas? Get started with the following effective ways to use banners in your event.

Get Attention

People need to know about your event. So, order plenty of flag banners that will grab the attention of passersby. Flag banners ripple in the wind and come in various sizes and colors. If people on the main road can’t see your event, get extra banners to create a trail for them to follow.

Use bright colors for your banners, especially if you put them outside. That way, people can’t help but see them. Additionally, use large, bold letters to communicate the most important fact about your event. Feel free to include additional information in smaller type, but make sure people can read it.

Identify Key Locations

When people arrive at your event, how will they know where to go first? Guests can become frustrated when they must waste time wandering around an event as they try to figure out what to do.

Spend time designing some teardrop banners that will identify important locations such as registration tables, ticket booths, and restrooms. As a result, your guests will find their way around without having to ask your event staff.

Welcome Signs

People love a warm welcome and a personal touch. So, consider equipping your greeting team with handheld banners and signs that welcome your guests and VIPs. Such banners can make everyone feel at home as soon as they step out of their car. Also, you can use these banners to welcome people into your sideshows and breakout events.


People who attend your event want to know what to expect. So, provide banners that display the schedule admission costs and other vital information. Give a consistent look to all your informational banners so your visitors can readily spot them. Consider spreading your information across multiple banners if you have many activities scheduled for your event.

Banners can also identify and provide information about specialized locations such as water and first aid stations. If you can, order banners for your vendors’ tables and booths. That way, you can make sure that everyone has a banner that meets your event’s size and space requirements.


Tell the community about your event by posting banners around town. You can also place such banners inside and outside your facility. If you people enough advanced notice, they can plan to attend. The most effective banners Charlotte NC organizations use are legible and easy to read as people drive through busy intersections.

Avoid the temptation to become too artistic with your promotional banners. Fancy designs, complicated color palettes, and intricate fonts can make your message almost impossible to read. Also, whenever possible, physically place your banners in places where people will notice them. If you will place them near competing banners, be sure to choose colors that stand out from the crowd.


Some large event venues can seem boring and sterile, so use banners to add to their décor. Whether your inside or outside, you can break up large spaces with artistic banners that carry a consistent theme. If your event has multiple departments, you can define the various areas with unique color schemes.

Decorative banners can become especially useful if you need to define areas for special activities such as eating and judging. Do your best to choose colors that complement your event’s color scheme so people can recognize them as part of the infrastructure.

On Stage

Have you ever happened upon a stage and wondered if you belong there? On-stage banners can eliminate confusion by identifying the performers and the purpose of the performance. These banners should include the schedule of events for the stage.

Essentially, you should provide on-stage banners that contain enough information for attendees to decide if they want to stay. You should also use banners to announce ancillary information such as drawings, contests, special offers, and URLs.

As you can see, banners can play a vital role in making your next event a success. In addition to creating a pleasant experience, your banners can help you organize your event and provide exciting elements that make your event memorable and fun.

Author: Eric Reyes