Consequences of not cleaning your roof

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Negosentro.comHave you been wondering why there are a lot of small bacteria on your roof? Have you been seeing insects or small tiny creatures moving on your rooftop? Does your roof have dark patches on it? Well, if you’ve been noticing tiny particles on your roof, then your roof most likely has bacteria growing on it. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? If you don’t do anything about this anytime soon, then this can also affect you and be very hazardous for you and your family.


These tiny creatures that you are seeing on your roofs are nothing but different types of bacteria. The most common bacteria that grow on your roof are moss. These bacteria often grow because of redundant moisture that remains on the rooftop. This usually happens because of climate change, heavy rainfalls or even pollution.

Other bacterias that also grow on your roof are algae and lichens. Usually, if your roof is left uncleaned, then it leads to the growth of these bacterias. Moreover, if you decide to leave the roof without cleaning it even after seeing these bacterias, then you’re welcoming danger as these lichens can enter your houses which can, in turn, out your life at risk.


  • Reasons why roof cleaning is necessary


  1. The most primary reason to clean your roof is to make it last longer. Yes, you heard it right. Your roofs become weak when you leave them uncleaned for ages. Hence, cleaning your roof with the help of a professional once in a while helps you gain the maximum advantage of your roof letting you save money even.
  2. If you don’t clean your roof regularly, it can start forming pores leading to leakage. Hence; to avoid any water leakage due to rains, cleaning your roof will be just the right way.
  3. As we learn above, dirty roofs tend to the growth of bacteria. Hence, to avoid having contact with any sort of bacteria’s, roof cleaning should be done once in a while. 
  4. Increase the value of your property before the sale.  Every human will pay more for the objects that appear to be more new than not. For years it’s been recommended by big property dealers to clean your house before sale. Mow your lawn, repair your stairs, paint your walls and what’s been forgotten is clean your roof as well. Better looks equals more money and increased value of your property.


  • Different ways of cleaning a roof


  1. Using chemicals to clean the roof is one of the most used ways to get rid of moss or other such bacteria. This process is also called as soft washing. Here, there is a use of chemicals to remove bacteria and dirt from the roof.
  2. Using water will full pressure is another way to clean the roof. Here, the water is splashed on the roof with a lot of pressure which in turn helps remove dirt, algae and other such components.

Well, you might feel like there is no point in calling cleaning services to get your roof cleaned because it can be costly. But, that’s a false assumption. Roof cleaning by professionals is not as costly as you might think it is. Not only that, but this is also a great way to not put your life at risk.

Even though cleaning your roof by yourself might feel convenient, it is a very dangerous attempt as you can be a victim of several injuries. Moreover, professionals like Sky Roof Cleaning can clean every corner of the roof leaving no risk of allergy touching your loved ones. 

But, you should always use the most convenient method for you to clean your roof. At the end of the day, just clean your roof once in a while to have a durable and safe roof.