Incredible Ideas for Small Bedroom Design

Small Bedroom

NEGOSENTRO.COM | Today, having a small bedroom is a common problem for everyone. Newly-built houses are known for rooms with little to no storage capacity, and many homes are sacrificing bedroom space for living space. While it may be challenging, there are plenty of creative ideas that you can use to make sure your small bedroom space is both functional and stylish.

If you need some awesome stylish bedroom ideas for small rooms, well, you’re in the right place! Here are a few incredible concepts for a small bedroom that you’ll be proud of in no time:

Opt for White & Right

White is the perfect color to use to create a sense of space and light, and it doesn’t need to be dull. Use a plain backdrop and add vivid color, or go white on white with a few chic details. Find some beautiful and bright accessories that will really stand out in the white background and become the room’s focal points.

Instead, go for the ultimate light and bright option, with white for your whole decor. Never think that all white must be dull! A simple white color scheme can be one of the most sophisticated room ideas for small-sized bedrooms. Adding a few well-selected accessories such as custom blankets and pillows can create a beautiful boudoir.

Have A Bedside Pendant

Whether you intend to repaint and renovate your sleep room soon, this is a design idea worth considering. 

Wired-in lighting, such as pendants, or wall lights, will add some spice to your bedside table. In general, extra space feels more comfortable and luxurious. Instead of balancing your reading matter and water glass across a lamp base, you can enjoy the creative styling of your table for maximum peace.

Another advantage is the permanent close-up of controls on the wall. No more scrabbling, for some of us, to the other side of the bed just to look for the light switch. Ask your friendly-neighborhood electrician for a quote and ask how the installation will go. To a certain extent, it will depend on the existing flow of electricity in your room. When you have current sockets or switches under the proposed location, it’s just going to be a bit of sanding, filling and repainting on a small wall strip where the new cable will be installed. 

Finally, make sure you get the correct pendant height. Of course, you wouldn’t want to feel as if you were under a lamp of torture when you open your bedtime book. Wired-in wall lights may be better for you. Since they have versatile features like swing arms, it will be easier for you to adjust,

Maximize Your Pillow and Throw

Additional pillows and throws are the daytime layers that make up a bed, but placing them sideways during bedtime isn’t a pleasant or relaxing way to look. 

A storage ottoman or blanket container is not a new idea, but it could be positioned for styling. The bed end can be a comfortable location, or use the room below the window, instead.

Make Use of Mirrors

Placing a big mirror above the bed is a great way to lighten up your room that gives the impression of more space. Not only that, it acts as a classy centerpiece, but also particularly useful in shifting the attention to the beautiful bed and mirror instead of the lack of space.

Go High

Loft bed spaces are not only for children. Taking the space up high in your room will grant you more traffic space at the floor-level. Surprisingly, they can look lovely!

Although it would involve a skilled carpenter, the outcome will be so invaluable! When you’re going for a typical low-level bed, use this idea to make sure you’re going to get a bed with plenty of storage space below. But, if you want to stick to your current bed and have another on usual legs with space underneath, you can get some mattress risers to lift it up for additional storage.

Go Down Low

On the other hand, low ceilings shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re in this position, the best approach is to move everything down a notch. Well, this is simple when it comes to the bed part. Instead, remove your bed frame and place your mattress directly on the floor. But you have to make sure that you have a good quality cotton mattress so you’ll get the body support that you need.

You can take this idea to another level by introducing a classic futon. In this way, you have a low height for the mattress, but during the day, you can push the whole thing straight to allow you more room for a sitting area. You may notice that futons can be a little on the firm side, depending on your sleeping habits. So, if you’re planning to get one, you may also like to have a mattress topper for a few extra softness.

Open Your Space for Natural Light 

Another way to create a more desirable and larger-looking bedroom immediately is to guarantee that natural light flows into it. Invest in wide doors and windows and, if feasible, even skylights.

Utilize Your Wasted Space

Sadly, you can’t afford to waste space when you have a small bedroom. A slim shelf on top of your headboard is the perfect way to store pieces and show trendy accessories. Depending on the width that you want to display, adding picture rails can fit well on this. If you like to showcase something like the beautiful retro phone, you need something with a little more depth. 

One good tip is to mount shelves high up and allocate them for books as well as other items you seldom need access to. Although it will be challenging to get them, these items don’t take up wall space that you could use for a lovely mirror or colorful wall art.

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