Getting Clean After Christmas: How To Get Rid Of Tough Carpet Stains And Chemicals

after christmas carpet cleaning | Christmas and the days immediately after the event can be a harrowing time for the homemaker most of the time.  This has to do with the rather rough treatment that the homes get and in particular the floor.  If it so happens that the floor is covered with a carpet, then the job of getting the rugs back to shape after each Christmas is a daunting task indeed. While there are professional cleans in most towns and cities, they do come at a rather high price.

For the average home owner, getting professional carpet cleaning services that help with tidying up the carpet after the Christmas season might not the first choice.  But most professional cleaners do offer some rather cost-effective ways to clean up the carpet.  It must be said that there are some easy to do home remedies that would ensure that the carpets are kept clean and as new, each year after Christmas. Discussed in brief are some of the more common methods to get the carpet clean including some very innovative DIY systems as well.

  1. Spot Spills

These happen when liquid spills occur and often at some of the most unseeing times as well.  At times there could be solid materials like puddings and cake pieces that usually accompany a spot spill.  The first step to take is to clean up the solid matter and to allow a blotting material to soak up the liquid spill. It would then be advisable to cover the area of the spill with a thick cloth and to leave it overnight. This would tend to remove any remaining bits of moisture and prevents the spread of the spill to other parts of the carpet.

  1. Stains

Baking soda is a good remedy for stains that have formed on the carpets.  Apply a little baking soda in a little water to the area and wipe dry with a cloth or absorbent paper.  At times a mild soap solution can do wonders to removing the stains. This is a particularly useful tip for those using nylon carpets or carpets made of synthetic materials. Another useful trick is to try to camouflage the stains with coloring.

  1. Pet Stains

It is hard to find a household that does not have a pet on the premise. The chances of having a pet increases as the home tend to be an independent structure rather than a row of flats.  It would be a good start to remove the pet stains with a little bit of cloth or tissue paper. This does not usually mean that the mess is completely removed, and further treatment would be required to completely clean up the unwanted business.

A solution that comprises of water and ammonia can be used to clean up the pet stains rather effectively.  The idea is to mix the ammonia with water and store it in a spray bottle. The stain is first treated to remove any solid particles and the ammonia solution is sprayed onto the spot. While the colored part is still moist from the treatment, the spot is covered with a white cloth and a warm iron applied to the back of the cloth.

Care must be taken to see that only white cloth is used in this method as colored cloth tends to have the color transferred to the carpet.  In most cases, with the application of the hot iron box, the spot tends to dry out as well. In case small moisture is left on the carpet, it should be allowed to dry out on its own.

  1. Coffee and tea spills

Coffee and tea spills are some of the most common types of spills that can occur not just during the Christmas season but right across the year. Carpet areas that entertain a large number of visitors tend to be particularly susceptible to this problem at all times.  It is possible to have access to many stain removers that can be used effectively to remove coffee and tea stains. The wise thing to do would be to test out the stain remover at a corner of the carpet and away from peoples’ sight to ensure the suitability of the stain remover to the carpet. In case a discoloring is noticed at the test area, it is best to avoid using the particular type of stain remover as far as possible and to go in for another type.


Although the Christmas season is a particularly distressing time for the carpets, it is not that stains and spots do not appear at the other times of the year. It would be advisable to have a good stain remover kept handy all year around so that stains can be tackled at the moment of its appearance.  There are a few granny solutions as well and the ammonia water solution that has been dealt with in the above is one such solution to a clean carpet.

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