Confessions of a Ghostwriter

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By Mary Rae Floresca|

A ghostwriter writes various contents that is officially credited to another person. Being this kind of writer has its ups and downs. Ghostwriter, Ethel Serrano tells her story.

This career is mostly a home-based job, today, any job can be accomplished and can be paid online. This is probably one of the advantages of being a ghostwriter, you can work comfortably without staying in an office.  But it’s crucial when it’s crunch time in meeting deadlines. A ghostwriter, like any other writers spends a lot of time to find substantial sources.  In this job, sometimes you write manuscripts for books, stories, essays, speeches and many more. One should be very flexible in creating content like those.

Ghostwriting, like any other jobs, has its own disadvantages and advantages. Serrano confessed that this job has more disadvantages, she remains to be in this job out of passion for writing.  She was able to write numerous books for the past year as a ghostwriter. “I don’t get to have the glory of being the author. It is immediately transferred to my boss’ name. I am not recognized as the author and I am deprived of claiming it as my own,” Serrano described.

You may not have the glory of the byline but you get to be paid well, but this depends on your employers. It depends also on your skill as a writer and if you can produce as much to earn more. Serrano said that they pay well because you sell what you write for them.

Because of repetitive routine of writing, you get to practice and improve your writing skills, which is a good thing. “You need to widen your point of view and imagination to come up with good stories. I have been dragging myself to the ground to pick up all new different stories and twist. Being creative takes practice”, Serrano added. To deal with challenges in writing, you have to believe that you are capable of finishing the task.

To those who wants to be a ghostwriter, Serrano advised,

“Why not aim to be an established writer? Don’t be just a ghostwriter. Be a writer. Establish a name wherein people can see all the works that you’ve done. Being a ghostwriter is not bad. It can actually be a start of your success. Take care of your name and keep a good work relationship with your clients.

Aside from working on content “behind the scenes”, aim for something more and this requires hardwork. Serrano described, “I have always dreamed of being an author where people can look up to me not because of fame, but because I inspire them. I’ve always imagined myself being in the scenarios of booking signing and launching.”

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