5 Ways to Hate your Job LESS

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By Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.con

No job is perfect. There will come a time that you will feel so burnout. However, what if your job is your only source of income? You can’t quit, right? Here’s a few tips to keep you motivated.

1. Make friends

This is probably the last thing you could do to stay motivated on going to work. However, this is a little thing that you can look forward to, your acquaintances can be your source of just a right amount of joy, especially if they are the happy-go-lucky ones. Create a small group that you can sit with during break time. You can rant and motivate together.  Don’t get too comfy though, keep your personal “deets” to yourself.

2. Identify more pros than cons

Start with listing down the cons, then list down the pros. It’s like writing down what you are grateful for and at the same time, coming up with solutions when the need arises.

3. Think of Stability

Just like finding your better half, you look for stability in your relationship. You find reasons why you can be stable and why it is important to be stable. It’s hard to jump to another relationship every month, this is like dragging yourself unto every first step you do in a new company. Adjustment period takes time, do you really want to through with that every time?

4. Career Growth

Did you think you could be a manager from rank and file? Nope, obviously, you cannot skip a position fast unless you are really that good to be up in the ladder. Look for growth in the company you are in, you can suggest a new role that you could do plus a raise too, who doesn’t like that, right?

5. Stay Committed

“Just biding time until you can go home is bound to increase your on-the-job misery—not to mention your boredom”, Chip Espinoza, PhD, author of Millennials@Work said. Commitment comes with being optimistic. If you get bored, learn more skills, relive the basic tasks you need to master. Think of ways that makes you feel accomplished. Count the hours by being productive and not just listening to your clock ticking.

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