5 Basic Reasons Why You Didn’t Get the Job

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By Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com

Are you getting tired of jumping to interviews one after the other? Maybe it’s time again to tick off your checklist on the reasons why you just don’t get hired, don’t worry, it’s not always you.

1. You are late

Come on guys, it’s a job interview, not a college class. How many times do we need to reiterate to job hunters to make sure to be in time for an interview? The human resources officer can be there for maybe even an hour before you arrive. Next time, calculate the hours you need to be at the place at least 15 minutes before. If needed, familiarize on the area the day or two before the appointment.

2. You sell yourself too much

In one episode of CBS’s Supergirl flashback, Cat Grant hired Kira or Kara rather, not because she is “special”, Supergirl just bagged her natural wit and just by being herself. She did not show-off like a common millennial would do that Kat Grant hated. Also, from one of my experiences, after “selling myself” during an interview, the General Manager asked me “How true are you?”- I was like err… I didn’t know how to answer that, maybe I was just too good to be true that it’s as if I’m being perfect for that position but I am not.

3. Your personality doesn’t fit their work environment

You may be just too quirky in a serious workplace or you might be just too boring in a must be enthusiastic company. I remember, after I was interviewed by the HR officer, I was casually interviewed by my supervisor-to-be. She asked me random things, my hobbies, movies and TV series I watch, then the interview turned out to be a common chitchat, the chemistry just clicked. I personally think the hit comedy TV Series Big Bang Theory and Sophie Kinsella books got me the job.

4. You dress sloppily, even your CV

Harsh truth, the “Don’t judge the book by its cover” saying doesn’t work anymore. Putting your best foot forward also means dressing appropriately for the interview. A sharp suit and the right hemline is fail-proof. Of course, the folder on your hand contains your Curriculum Vitae. Make sure that deleted unnecessary seminars or notes that doesn’t fit for the position. Be truthful on the skills your write down there. A readable CV has only 2-3 pages. And remember, the basics are important e.g. spelling, grammar and correct punctuation.

5. Poor interpersonal skills

You don’t have to be ma-PR. You need to be able to communicate smoothly with the interviewer. Pay attention to the questions, for more successful interviews, prepare yourself the day before. List down common interview questions and practice it, memorize it by heart. You should be able to express yourself properly.

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