Combine DJI with VideoProc – The Best Video Processing and Editing combination ever!

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Image Credit : | Combine DJI with VideoProc – The best Video Processing and Editing combination ever! | There are stages in every career, every profession and every phase of life. Experience wise, it’s the beginner stage, the expert stage, and the master stage. Then, requirement wise, it’s the learning stage, the implementation stage, and the post-work stage. 

Similarly, for the artists out there, the photographers and videographers, the filmmakers and movie producers, the travelers and bloggers, a different genre of stages also exist. The pre-production stage where all decisions and planning is done, the production stage, where all the shots and memories are captured and the final post-production stage before the video is published.

Change has forever been a constant and it is taking over the world of videographers as well. From the age-old handy camera to the SLR, it has now come down to ground-level DSLR shots and the magical DJI drones. DJI Drones are remotely operated and take 4K videos from the sky, both close-up and far-end shots, something which is impossible via humans and a normal camera in hand.

DJI videos do have their advantages, especially in the production stage, where large videos are captured, the storage capacity is high, less human effort is needed and there are enough options to learn from. However, it is the post-production stage that causes concern among many DJI users. Post-production refers to the editing and upload of the video to clients, social media or your backup, which becomes extremely time-taking and difficult for 4K videos, mostly due to the lack of compatible market softwares.

There are n number of problems when you look at it 

  1. Most softwares like DJI GO and DJI fly work to edit well, but get stuck at times due to high storage usage, high-tech computer software demands and don’t allow more than 2.7 quality level download.
  2. DJI videos are usually large files taken at one single shot, which means that they require heavy editing and quick work, yet it also demands the availability of top quality download, something which the DJI Go App also fails to give.

Curious about how do people manage?

Well, it’s simple. You look for help where it can be found. Various softwaresthat are available for free download as well as paid versions and are compatible with both Windows and MAC, like VideoProc can effectively and efficiently edit DJI videos and keep the 4K video quality in place. The advantage of using VideoProc lies right from the installation to the features available –

Installation – Not only available for various windows versions (8,10 etc.), it also comes for various MAC versions. With a guaranteed customer support reply within 24-hours, it has an easy set-up manual and is always a hands-on-deck software. There is a free version and a paid version (30-day payback guarantee included) while the portal does not occupy more than 200MB of storage space. SO, its lightweight, widespread and comprehensive. Moreover, you have the option to upload more than 350 input codecs and convert them into more than 400 output options, depending on the requirement for the final video submission. Not a lot of work now, is it? Especially for the newbies and beginners out there.

Check out the video below for further deets:

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Top-notch editing 

Once your video has optimized and used the deshake feature, there is the time to edit and do what is needed. The edit toolbar has separate buttons for merging, cutting or splitting the video. A wedding video requires multiple splits whereas a travel video will require merges. After this, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, temperature and color codes as well. After this, transitions can be done and the Audio & Video option can be accessed for a fast and easy way to adjust the speed of the video clip. Remember, even if it is a large video file, edit the entire thing, be patient with it.

The brilliant shake 

You must have noticed it live or even experience it in almost all your DJI videos, as a beginner, and as an expert, it has a certain amount of shakiness to it. Mostly when you shift angles or the drone moves a lot due to heavy wind, many frames come out as unstable. With the toolbar in DJI with VideoProc, you can deshake the entire video or opt to deshake a particular clip or section and finally stabilize your video. It is crucial to do so before further editing as shakiness refrains the normal eye from seeing the actual raw video that needs to be corrected in later stages. Additional features like denoising, removing fisheye and adding your brand watermark also come along with the tool.

Accelerate through 

One of the best features of VideoProc which is rare and substantial is the full GPU acceleration system. This means that DJI with VideoProc uses less space but at the same time, provides upto 47x times faster-editing speed. Your CPU usage goes down, the computer system does not lag and the video is always optimum. Commonly called as Level-3 hardware acceleration, it’s a proud crown for the brand. There are AMD and NVIDIA technologies available, which are few of the best ones in the market, that encode faster video formatting and processing.

Over to you…

There is an easy 10-min tutorial on how to use the application and its website itself is a detailed guide as well. DJI video editing for drone clips is indeed a time-taking process, but it is all about saving a little time, increasing quality and the first stage, the learning curve. Moreover, the post-production stage is crucial, right from the basic editing to the final output, the inclusion of transitions and effects, the addition of time changes and the removal of bogus content, so why compromise on what matters?

Remember, don’t let your efforts in the initial stages of planning and shooting go down the drain by making the wrong choice of software. It is a medium of lead you to an answer and without it, you can lose out on your clients, market share, marketing plan, and reputation. So, Happy editing!

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