Ciiva Bill of Materials Management System


Roger Moore, NegosentroFor better management of the Ciiva Bill of Materials management system, Ciiva made crucial changes that benefit both the user and the seller. These changes are:

Time limitation on free subscription for commercial users

Commercial user’s time for free subscription of the BOM was limited to a 30-day period. For non- commercial users, like students and hobbyists, free subscription remained unlimited. This came into effect on 1 February 2015 and any free subscription contracts for commercial users expired on the same date. After the expiry of the free subscription, commercial users had the option to upgrade to a pro subscription. All users are categorized as commercial users but there is an option to change that status by applying through an online form for a non- commercial user status.


The fees, both monthly and annual changed from $10 per user per month to $20 per user per month. Annual fees changed from $1200 per user per year to9 $ $ 200 per user per year. Any subscription taken prior to the changes, changed to the current Ciiva fees. The currency used to purchase the product changed from Euro to US dollars.


There was a percentage coverage from distributors in the section of the quote system. Creation of manually created orders at estimated unit price field was added to the purchase summary.

Data export

Pre-configured reports for exports was made possible

Data import

When creating new components from an online search, it is possible to use the original product manufacturer’s name


There is partial support part numbers added for all product lifestyle status.

Component library

Support for automated base component, part number creation and formatting was added. Added too is composite custom attributes.

To continue to offer the best services and error free products, Ciiva felt that the changes were very necessary. The prices of the products have remained affordable with non-commercial users subscribing free and the commercial users paying a minimal fee. The fee was necessary for the commercial users as Ciiva felt the need to get the financial contribution to help in making the product even better. The contribution would also go a long way in the continued development of the product.

Every customer whether commercial or not enjoys free search for product components search engine. This free component search remains free for as long as possible.

After the three months of subscription expiration, all database is automatically deleted. Prior to the deletion, the entire product BOM data and component library is exported to Microsoft excel or CSV format without taking any more action. In case a user renews their subscription and wants the deleted database back, the same is retrieved from the backup and restored.

Non-commercial users can upgrade to commercial users that means moving from free subscription to pro subscription at any time they choose to.

Ciiva aims at giving the best services to their customers and for the time being, prices remain as fixed. The tools and services offer nothing but the best value for your money and remain very affordable.