How to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry – a fashion guide

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In the recent times, the personality of a person is determined by his dressing sense and his odour. In order to have a good fragrance, it is a must to apply right cologne on your body. However, choosing the best fragrance among thousands of perfumes is an exciting task. Most of the time, getting lured by our companion’s, friend’s, or relative’s scent, you buy the perfume they use. Although it may work effectively in your body, the perfume should be purchased considering your body chemistry. There are various types of fragrance. Some of them are classified as follows:

  • Fresh scents – the perfumes that provide green notes such as the odour of spring in the atmosphere, fresh-cut grass, light citruses, and much more are categorized as fresh perfumes. These fragrances are light in odour and thus are mainly preferred by the people possessing outdoorsy or sporty personalities. If you are a trekker or go out for regular camping then nothing is better than the fresh perfumes such as Dior Eau Savage, Chanel Cristalle, and Guerlain Eau de Guerlain.
  • Lavender – if you are looking out for the perfume linked to love and romance then Lavender can turn out to be the best possible option. According to the sources, Cleopatra (Lavender fragrance) lured Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony towards each other. Moreover, Lavender is said to be one of the longest lasting perfumes for men that arises from sexual urges.
  • Floral fragrance – these scents are most popular and demanded by a large number of consumers in today’s era. From including the notes of a single rose petal to comprising the fragrance of Jasmine, Gardenia, orange blossom, carnation, lily, and various flowers, the floral fragrance can be the best perfume for the people enjoying the scents of flowers.
  • Oriental – Oriental perfumes are mainly comprised of the amber and vanilla notes and are termed as bold, rich, and exotic. Oriental fragrance can be ideal for the people going out for a romantic dinner and party. These scents have the heavy odour as compare to the other categories and are specially designed for sensual and exotic purposes.
  • Wood – the scent-containing the aromatic notes such as sandalwood, cedarwood, and oak is termed as a woody fragrance. The wood fragrance is the right fit for the people following trend and fashion as these perfumes are recently utilized by various people.

Although all of these perfumes can aid you to have a decent fragrance, the choice of a right perfume mainly depends on the physique of a person. So if you are wondering about how to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry then here is the guide that can assist you to choose the amazing and long lasting perfumes as per your chemistry.

Tips for men – How to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry?

Matching a perfume to your body chemistry is not that easy how it seems to be. Here I am presenting some of the major things to consider before buying a perfume:

  1. Use trial and error first – usually, it’s really troublesome to find out your body chemistry and get a scent that fits your body. This is especially the major case for the people looking out for the perfumes for romantic chemistry. If your perfume isn’t matching your skin type and is not durable enough on your body then it means you are body and perfume are incompatible to each other and you are still needed to find out the appropriate perfume that matches your body chemistry.
  2. Consider your skin type – most of the time, people opting for the fragrance realm especially the floral, fresh, and spicy scents are quite uncertain. In such cases, the skin tone of a person should be the priority to choose the most suitable fragrance. Generally, the rough skin catches the scent’s particles in its contours that further results in giving a long-lasting effect of the fragrance to your body. At the same time, scent evaporates comparatively faster in the dry skin than that of rough skin causing the fragrance to dull rapidly.
  3. Moisturize your skin – in order to find out the chemistry of your body, it is essential to ascertain the pH level of the skin. If your pH level is too basic then there is less probability for your skin to absorb the scent unless the pH level is rebalanced. Though skin of the people is a bit acidic, it might be completely dry in some cases. If your skin is dry then moisturize the same before ascertaining the chemistry.
  4. Reduce the intake of spicy food – if your skin overrides even the heaviest perfume then your skin is not the problem behind it. Instead, it is your diet that negatively affects your skin tone making it too hard to absorb the perfume. Pungent spices such as onion, garlic, and curry finely alter the body chemistry of a person by generating heat under the surface that further affects the smell of the perfume in your body. If you desire to get rid of this unwanted chemistry alteration then try avoiding the excessive consumption of spices.
  5. Don’t be moody – according to the various clinical reports, the mood of a person highly influence the smell of his sweat. For instance, if you are tensed or depressed, the odour of your sweat will be more pungent. Therefore, make sure to be calm and stress-free while applying a perfume.


So what are you waiting for? If you old scents are not durable or don’t provide you with a good fragrance then kick it out and opt for the top-most perfumes according to your body chemistry. Make sure that even after buying the world’s most recommended scent; it may not last for a long time in your body as the durability of the fragrance in your body is associated with your physique. Therefore, it is a must to find out your body chemistry and then choose the top-most romantic, floral, fresh, wood, spicy, oriental, or vanilla perfume to lure the people.