Reasons Why Your Dog Barks All Night Long and How to Stop It

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Your dog barks, right? Barking is a natural habit of dogs. In fact, you should be concerned if your dog fails to bark. However, a dog that barks all night can be a serious menace. You will have to endure many sleepless nights because of the noise.

You may also end up having some endless disputes with your neighbors just because of the noise from the dog. Excessive barking and howling can also be a sign of a severe problem about your dog’s mental or even physical state.

Why Dogs Bark?

We all know that barking is the best way that dogs use to communicate. They can bark to express their emotions or send a message to human beings or other dogs. However, other reasons can make a dog to bark at night. Here are some of them:

  1. Boredom

At night, most dogs are left alone. This is the time that most dog owners sleep making it impractical to interact with their dogs. Like human beings, dogs also get bored. This happens when he has nothing to do at night and will resort to express his frustration by barking.

  1. Loneliness

About boredom, a dog can bark at night because of isolation. A dog is a pack animal. It will be calm in the presence of other dogs or even people. A lonely dog will remain unsettled and will start barking uncontrollably. Barking is listed as one of the signs of an incredibly lonely dog (1).

  1. Being Alarmed

The fear of the unknown always accompanies darkness. Just like human beings, dogs are not sure of what lies beyond the dark. An intruder may be trying to gain access into your house, and this will make the dog to bark.

Any slightest sound or movement will cause the dog to bark. A dog will also bark to alert homeowners of impending danger.

  1. Inadequate Exercises

During the day, you were probably at work and caging the canines seems to be the best option. A caged dog will rest in one spot without engaging in any physical exercises. Once the darkness sets in, the dog will have more energy than what it needs. It will; opt to release the pent-up energy by barking all night. This problem usually happens when you rarely take the pooch for walks.

  1. Join the Rhythm

If there are other dogs in the neighborhood, expect your dog to join them in the barking competition. Once your canine hears another dog barking, even if it is emanating from miles away, he will start doing the same. This is a natural behavior that is beyond our control.

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at Night?

Now that we have highlighted the causes lets now look at some of the viable solutions that you can use to stop your dog from barking at night.


As we have already stated, barking at night can be a way of releasing excess energy. The most effective remedy for this problem is to make your dog do physical exercise. An evening walk can be enough to make your canine remain calm at night. There are plenty of other benefits that your dog can get from doing exercises (2).

Give Your Dog Toys

The best way of eliminating boredom in a dog is by giving him some fancy dog toys. They can keep the canine busy, and he will avoid barking.

Anti-bark Device

The best anti bark device can stop your canine from barking continuously night.

Share the Bedroom

To get rid of loneliness and even anxiety, you may bring the dog to your bedroom at night. He will feel loved and bark less.

Do not lose your sleep because dog barks at night. Apply these tips, and you will be able to stop your canine from barking at night.

Photo Credit: Patrice Alsteen,


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