How to Become a Mattress Shopping Pro

mattress shopping

The thought of mattress shopping can be enough to drive away your nightly peace. Staying up nights on end thinking about buying the right mattress can be quite the irony. A modern mattress market is a confounding place, so we can’t blame you for losing your sleep. The names are overlapping, the definitions of “soft” are not the same for two brands and most brands believe in gimmicks to attract new clientele.

Mattress retailers can throw a lot of unintelligible data at you just to make one sale. Mattresses are costly affairs, and you should not buy one just because the salesperson was impressive. You need to understand the qualities of a mattress before you pay up. The best way to find a reliable brand of the mattress is to consult your doctor or a sleep expert. This is applicable for the mattress virgins, who have never purchased a mattress before.

A good mattress can be your answer to all your sleep problems and sleep disorders. Queen mattresses are the most popular among all and evaluating one requires you to score it against several traits. Consumer reports of 2018 can also help you pick a brand and model that fits all your needs.

What kind of a sleeper are you?

mattress shopping

Some people like to lie flat on their backs while sleeping; others sleep in a fetal position. Different mattress firmness supports the various postures of sleep. Back sleepers benefit from a medium hard mattress that maintains horizontal support on the spine. Memory foam mattresses with layers of gel and foam can help people with joint problems, back problems, and arthritis.  

Do you sleep alone?

Several couples are made for each other, except when they sleep. As one of them rolls over, it wakes the other one up and disrupts proper sleep. If you identify with this problem, you need a mattress that transfers the least movement from one side to another. Mattresses that are super soft will transfer more impact. You need special couple’s mattresses with high stability to ensure a good night’s sleep.

How to test a mattress?

Mattresses can start from $250 and go up to $4200. How much you will spend, depends completely on your budget. However, even $100 is not cheap, and you should be able to test your mattress before you buy it. Buyers get to try on pants and t-shirts before they buy it for a couple of dollars at Target, there is no reason your mattress should not allow you to nap-test your mattress. Spend a minimum of 10 minutes lying on the mattress you have chosen to realize its comfort, support and hardness levels. Brands have different ways to score their mattresses and comparing them flat on face value is not the smartest way to choose a mattress.

Do not become swayed by the latest TV commercials and internet advertisements. Always try before you buy and if you cannot try a new mattress, at least research well into customer reviews before you make a decision.

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