Can you use Instagram for selling products? Here’s what you must know!


Karen Anthony, Negosentro |  Thousands of online users are using Instagram today. This mobile photo-sharing application is popular for work and personal use. Instagram is an excellent platform for posting and sharing your photos among your network. It is known for its simple interface and amazing features. If you are a business owner selling goods you can effectively use Instagram and convert it into an e-shop. The obvious question that strikes you is how?

How to transform Instagram into a shop on the Internet?

instagramIf you wish to convert Instagram into an e-shop, the task is not so simple as setting up your profile. It takes time and a great level of devotion. You must be aware of your brand and make use of innovative ideas so that your casual visitors will convert into devoted and loyal shoppers.

Online experts say that this road is not an easy one and it will take you some time to start however if you can get things right on the first go there will be no looking back for you!

The following are some guidelines you may embrace while setting up your Instagram and changing it into an e-shop on the web-

  1. Know what you want to sell- You should know what you want to sell. Here you need a great level of market awareness. Will your product be something that people are willing to buy? It should be a product that has demand in the market. If you take a look at the Instagram market today, fashion and beauty are on the top of the list. Breaking into fashion and beauty is tough. However, if you have something original to offer and the product or the service visually appealing, you will find users making a beeline for your product. The results will not be overnight. You need to stay focused and gradually see people lining up to buy your product or service if they are visually represented well enough.
  2. Take high-quality photos and post them regularly-Photos can carry out your business message to the targeted customer with success. Taking a photo is simple however a high- the quality photo will only compel your visitors to buy the product. Take time to take the photo. Focus on light, angle, and background. Once you have taken the photo, use the different photo filters available on Instagram and enhance the quality of the picture. Post them online. If you wish to make the post more appealing and effective, create a photo gallery of the best photos clicked. Post it online with a good story, and you will find that users on Instagram will start viewing your photo. Your Like4Likeviews will increase, and this will make your Instagram profile popular as users will keep on coming back to check out amazing photos you click!
  3. Post direct links- When your Instagram user sees your photo, the impulse to buy the product will arise. The last thing you want is to lose the customer at the last rung. Post a direct link to the product page and not to your business website. This link can be posted on the caption of your post so that interested users can click on this link and buy the product. The simpler your Instagram page is, the easier it is for you to get customers. When you are posting direct links to the pages of your customer, ensure that these links work. The objective here is to give your customer a seamless experience when he or she visits your Instagram page.  
  4. Showcase brand supporters– You may conduct a contest where you may encourage the loyal customers of your brand to post pictures of themselves with your product or share an experience of the service you have rendered. Experts say that any kind of user-generated content is helpful for conversions. When you come across someone posing with your product or shared an experience about your product, repost the image and thank the user. You should also go the extra mile and let them know they have been kind enough to share the picture. Write a note and share the post among your network- remember for marketing, there is nothing so powerful than word-of-mouth.

Therefore, if you wish to make use of Instagram and convert it into an e-shop keep the above tips in mind. Instagram is a powerful platform for marketing, and as mentioned above, if you use it correctly you will be able to reach out to your targeted audience easily. Remember when you are using Instagram, create images and media that will make your users eager to purchase. If you have an amazing gallery or portfolio of photographs, you will find your users visiting your page and window shop on a frequent basis.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.