5 Proven Ways To Grow Brand Awareness


Jovan Graham, Negosentro  |  Growing brand awareness as a start-up or an existing business can be the make or break of your brand. Building your reputation, maintaining customers, and attracting new ones, is all about effective brand awareness. Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most tried, tested and proven ways to help you grow your business’ reputation in your local community and beyond.  

Basic Marketing Methods

While many companies attempt to look at brand new ideas, and innovative techniques when it comes to their marketing, going back to basics, particularly for start-up companies, can be extremely useful. There are so many avenues which you can take advantage of to market your brand, in an effective, yet in-expensive way. A great example of this is through the use of printed cotton bags which you can provide your customers with for every purchase so they can show off your brand name, to affordable social media conversation allowing you to interact with you customers directly. With so many marketing methods out there, make sure you look at the basics first before spending countless hours trying to decipher a marketing method which no-one has come up with yet.

Partner With Other Brands

When you’re first starting your business, reaching out to other brands in the community around you, and your close competitors, can allow you to build relationships and ultimately promote your brand. Not only will partnering with another, more established, brand help you to take advantage of their audience, but you will also inherit some part of its reputation and image. This will allow you to be seen as far more prominent, far more quickly when compared to going about it on your own. You don’t even have to partner with a competitor, or a brand which has anything to do with your business. An example of this is Uniqlo who partnered with New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and sponsored free admission to the museum at certain times of the day.

Hold An Event

Holding an event doesn’t have to be exceptionally expensive, and it can offer you a great opportunity to network with your local community. Whether you’re hosting a special barbecue event, or you’re looking to run a workshop in order to share your professional expertise with those around you, there are many different approaches which you can take in order to grow your brand awareness. If you’re a restaurant, for example, you may host a taster event, where guests can sample your food and sip on the drinks that you provide. Word of mouth is often the best form of marketing, and your event can help to provide this more efficiently than you can imagine.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Social media is growing in importance, and in a world which is almost solely digital, promoting your business on these platforms can help to get your brand in front of more customers than traditional marketing methods ever could. In addition to being a highly effective marketing channel, social media is also free to set up and manage as long as you have the time and put in the effort to interact with your consumers. You can use tools to forward schedule posts in order to ensure consistency, and allow your potential customers to know more about the face behind the brand to build up a certain level of trust. Your online reputation is possibly more valuable than anything else, so get tweeting.  

Empower Your Employees

One of the key considerations which many businesses tend to bypass is the impact their employees can have on the marketing of their brand name. Simply providing your employees with branded pens, or calendars which they can then use in front of, and distribute to, other members of the surrounding community can make a big difference – and is a proven marketing technique for many businesses.