5 Tips To Satisfy Your Customers

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Harriet Hunter, Negosentro |  When it comes to successfully satisfying your customers, it is paramount that you don’t just assume you know what they are looking for. In order to fulfil your customer’s needs, you must both understand exactly what they want, and offer ground breaking customer services to set you apart from your competitors. But how do you do that? Below, we explore proven ways you can satisfy your customer’s wants and needs.

  • Treat Your Customers Right

When it comes to satisfying your customers, it is paramount that you treat them right. Happy customers who get their issues resolved usually tell up to six people about their experience, and thus is a fantastic way to significantly influence the word of mouth about your business. You shouldn’t act as a faceless business, and instead should genuinely talk with your customers. A great way to do this is by addressing them by name.

  • Don’t Come On Too Strong

More than a third of consumers experience poor, if not rude, customer service at least once a month, and over half of those people tell their friends. This is a great example of how word of mouth can work against you and your company’s long-term reputation. Regardless of the customer’s mood, tone of voice or reckless attitude, it is crucial that you and your employees remain respectful when trying to rectify an issue.

  • Listen

In order to satisfy your customers, it is paramount that you listen and take what they are saying into consideration. When listening, you should take into account what changes could be made according to this feedback, and follow through with your ideas.

Great ways to receive feedback from your customers include:

  • Surveys
  • Observation
  • Social Media
  • Point of Sale
  • Communities and Groups
  • Email
  • Offer Ongoing Support

A great way to continue to satisfy your customers is to offer ongoing support. Quick and enthusiastic response are a great way to keep your customers engaged, and you should always be prepared to present an exclusive offer or discount with the hope of up-selling the customer.  Naturally, this will significantly help build respect, and will lead to a good reputation in the community.

  • Build Trust

For every negative experience, it takes 12 positive service experiences to make up, which is why it is paramount that you build trust with your audience. Regardless of the size of your business, it is vital to keep your customers in the know when it comes to changes to your products and services that will affect them. Moreover, when making these changes, it is paramount that you are careful as several customers will already be accustomed to what you already offer, and thus may not be prepared or excited for significant change.

With these tips, you can easily continue making your clients happy. Whilst treating your customers right is paramount, it is just as important to not come across too strong. Customers are used to getting what they want, and receiving it quickly at that, which is why by offering ongoing support, you can rest assured that you will never miss a trick!