Business Chat Apps: A Necessity for Every Enterprise

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Aanchal Kaura, Negosentro |  Communication gap leads to poor productivity in workplaces. Nothing affects the proficient working of an employee more than miscommunication or poor communication. But, in the era of Facebook and WhatsApp, how can communication be so messed up?

The communication gap between the employees can decrease their productivity. With official e-mails becoming hard to manage and phone call becoming disturbing, a messaging app is the only option for organizations to smoothen communication between employees to increase the overall productivity. Here are few strong reasons why every enterprise should have a team chat app to tackle out the troubles in their workplace communication.

Privacy and Security

March 16, 2017, was the date when we got the news that WhatsApp is having a bug in it and all our messages can be leaked. The news drove a plenty of accounts in the hands of hackers. Simply imagine if any enterprise is utilizing this application then what measure of inconvenience these will place them into. Enterprises have highly confidential information which if opened up to the world can screw the organization on a whole.

Business chat applications are built with the first-grade security systems like two-factor validation, HMAC encryption and many others which remove the security threats right from the start. Even additional security measures can be integrated before the strength of the password and minimum password length.

Decreases the Count of Internet Emails

A business chat app can lessen the number of emails that an employee gets on any given day by excluding communication messages in the form of e-mails. Extensive discussions that not really require an email can be eliminated leaving space just for vital exchange of data.

Finding Historical Information made Easier

Search functionality in business chat apps is a tremendous feature for corporate users. When WhatsApp introduced this function, relatively few could value its utility except for corporate users. Finding old discussions, searching important documents to have another look at the instructions given is necessary for formal communication. A business chat application helps get that going easily.

Creates a Constant Connection

A business chat app can make teams of employees feel more connected, even if they are away from each other. A business chat app creates a single location for all the team members where they can share important messages, documents, and multimedia very easily. Remote project teams who prior stayed tuned to work progress can complete things on the go with workplace chat application. Hence, no more waiting to reach the desktop.

Scheduling Meetings and Events Becomes Easy

It is estimated that every employee spends nearly 4 hours in a week to update the work status. It’s too much, isn’t it? It is almost half a day.

A business chat application or I would say a smart business chat application would have channels to make things truly simple by giving them a chance to look through the files and important documents quickly. Scheduling meetings are very easy for by these apps because they allow you to send a message to the team at once. Texting applications for business will likewise empower the users to conduct meetings, surveys, and events to invite selected individuals from the enterprise.

Increased Transparency

Instant messaging app is crucial for your business. It leaves a proof, on which you can rely later on in case any miscommunication happens. This is the reason because of which chat tools have become synonymous with official meetings. They increase the transparency of information shared without leaving any room for miscommunication.

Increased Productivity

Calls and e-mails are time stealers that steal the precious time of employees. With 1000 calls or 20+ emails hitting employees every day, beneficial working that leads to productivity can be a tedious challenge.

For example, using a business chat tool, a manager could ping his team of three saying that he will require their contribution to something. He would then be able to share the details in the group chat and enable them to share their thoughts and proposals as and when they become available. By doing this, he would spare the organization at-least 2 working hours since he didn’t need to plan hours-long meeting where most time would be spent on distracting the details.

The Need for Business Chat Applications

Let me introduce you to some of the reasons and you yourself will concur that general chat applications aren’t a solid match for a business chat.

1) Security is at greatest risk when it comes to formal discussions.

2) There is always a restriction on who can communicate in a particular meeting.

3) Document sharing with enormous information and organizing is not conceivable with general chat apps.

4) Things can get truly muddled which is an interruption in the flow of communication.

5) Collaborating each individual from every department isn’t conceivable with general applications.

Last Words

Work isn’t limited to office space any longer, remote working and work from home are trending. Employees require the flexibility of working from remote areas so they don’t need to sacrifice their social life for work. Freelancing is also a culture developing quickly and this won’t be possible at all without instant communication. Work can get truly spoiled when the communication channel is not strong and precise.

Various mobile app development companies have invented applications that serve the purpose for example, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp etc. They fill the communication gap but, actually serve as a small pastry in a big birthday party. The features of these regular chat applications are insufficient to battle with the business communication needs. And this is the reason because of which Business Chat Applications have become a necessity.

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