Few Amazing Ways to Improve your Microsoft Excel Skills


Nishant Agarwal, Negosentro | Microsoft Excel is one of the best Microsoft products in the market. Excel is the application used for storing and administering data. Each and every person should possess the Microsoft excel skills for professional and personal use. One needs to be the master in using this application.  It is most commonly used across the business for financial records. It is a vital tool for operations and administration.

It is powerful software and from time to time updated. You need to learn new feature for better functioning of the spreadsheet. All the organization and companies are using MS excel and without it, no one can work efficiently. Every profession in the world needs and use this application. Here in this article, we will discuss various MS skills which will improve your productivity at work.

  1.    Learn all the shortcuts

The basic skill is that you should know all the shortcuts to use the MS Excel. It will improve your productivity and save the time. Some shortcuts are like to copy the text you can use CTRL C, for undo CTRL Z, to switch between multiple worksheets use CTRL Pg Up, for selecting whole text use CTRL Z, to insert hyperlinks CTRL F and many more. These tools are the basic of working on excel.

  1.    Data importing skill

There are situations like we have to insert the data into the excel sheet. There is an option to convert data into the worksheet for eg, you are browsing matter on the internet which is required for your project. In that case, you can click right on the file, select import external data and click on new web query. When you do so, chose the web page you want to display copy and paste the link into the address box. This way you can import data into excel sheet.

  1.    Filter the results

For a large amount of data, you need to go through the whole information and it is a tedious process. You might miss some important information. For large spreadsheet, Ms excel have auto filtering option, where you can select the required column and auto filter it. It means you can fitter results as per your need. It is a smart tool for professionals.

  1.    Use of Autofill

It takes lots of time and effort if you use autofil. There are two ways of filling data in excel one is manually and other by auto-fills. It is a very easy to learn and it saves hours of hard work. Type anything in the first cell that ends in a number. Then click and hold a lower right corner of the cell and drag the mouse done in the same column.

You will find that numbers in the column will automatically increment for each cell. You can also use autofill for formulas. Suppose you have applied formula in one cell let suppose “Addition” by using the same autofill feature to do the same calculation for each cell. Similarly, click on the lower right side of the corner and drag the mouse downwards and you will see automatic calculation on each cell. It takes few seconds to do so.

  1.    Use of pivot table tools

If you want to work smartly than this feature is going to save lots of time and efforts. This tool is pivot table icon found in “insert” menu. It is one of the most powerful features. This tool analyse the data in various ways and chose how to manipulate it. It will reduce all your effort only you need to take the decision through the analysis. You can create pivot tables to analyse worksheet data. You will be able to make better business decisions through this tool. It works on the snapshot of the data so you should not mix date column to text column.

  1.    Header use

Most of the people don’t use header but it is important. You can choose header option in the insert menu and once you are through, you can sue it again for preparing the same report with different facts. If you want to edit the header you can edit and changes will automatically be applied to all the pages of the document.

  1.    Call Log

Excel sheets are used to analyse data. For this, there is another feature known as the call log. You can click on file tab and select the call log option further select sales call log & organizer’ and download the same to customize it as per your requirement. There are many free call log templates are available on excel. It is a beneficiary tool for all the professions. If you have any issue, then you should take Microsoft Advanced Excel Training Course from any reputed institute.

  1.     Access bar

When you are using the Excel first time, you get icons like save undo or redo. You can customize this toolbar by quick access toolbar. This option you can notice on the top left-hand side of the page. Many people are unaware of this tool. But this is really helpful tool and you can easily access it from anywhere.

  1.     Formatting Data skill

For smart working on excel, you should know the entire tactic to format the data. You can store the amount of data with ease on the excel sheet. If you follow the shortcuts and know how to use each and every feature of it, then your half purpose will be solved

To make your work life easy and productive, all you have to do is the master on MS Excel skills. There is always something new in MS excel new versions. You need to be updated about advanced tools. The MS excel skills will help to manipulate and analyze data efficiently. It helps to make proficient decisions.

Whether you are using it for your profession or for your personal database, Ms excel enables need of each individual. Firms use the excel for preparing sales reports, transaction reports, stock maintenance, online sales record, finance report etc. it enables the quick analysis of the information efficiently and effectively.

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Nishant Agarwal has amazing Microsoft Excel skill. He wants to explore his knowledge to all people. He has told about few amazing ways to improve Excel skill.