What Features to Look for in a Help Desk

help desk

Wendy Villa, NegosentroAny small business knows that having a help desk incredibly beneficial to growth. Help desks offer small business owners a chance to have their operations work in a smoother and more efficient way. Companies across the globe use help desks to raise their work production, answer customer questions, and more. There are many different types of help desks available for small businesses or companies. It can be difficult to decide which type of help desk software is right for your company or small business, but with a little research, the decision can be made to fit your specific needs. For more information about help desk software, check out this website: http://cyberlords.net/get-help-desk-software-10-ideas-really-work/.


Zendesk is one of the leading help desk software providers. It easily organizes all of your information into one place, making it more efficient for you as a business owner. For your customers, Zendesk provides specific things such as FAQ, an online community, and a portal made specifically for customer support. Your Zendesk is also available online, on mobile, and embedded so you can place your customer service wherever it is needed.


Desk.com, like Zendesk, is a leading help desk software provider. It helps you by bringing all of your data and information together, and it allows your help desk to grow with your business as well. Desk.com helps your customers by allowing a self-service site where your customers can find the answers to their questions. This allows for faster customer service when you might be away or busy.

Service Desk Express

Service Desk Express is an older version of help desk software that is moving out of the spotlight. This software was made with small businesses in mind, and it most likely helped inspire the other software companies to open help desk software. Service Desk Express offered many helpful things, but it will soon be gone. When considering Service Desk Express vs Zendesk, you might find that the two share many of the same ideals and services, only Zendesk is a bit more updated. Luckily, Service Desk Express vs Zendesk is a great way to see the similarities.

Zendesk vs Desk

When you begin to choose your help desk software, it is a good idea to take into account the differences between the two. When it comes to Zendesk vs Desk, it is easier to see which of the software programs are the better fit for you and your business. Zendesk is organized in their software, and Desk.com is organized as well. Both companies allow you to put your customers at the forefront of your business. Desk.com offers three different types of plans—the standard, the pro, and the business plan. These plans are paid monthly, and they each have different features. Zendesk, however, offers five different help desk software plans for your business. They range in price and agent, and they each have different features as well. Zendesk and Desk.com both have free trials, but Zendesk’s Elite plan is not included in the free trial. Zendesk provides a great overview of everything you need to know before buying the software or starting the free trial. Desk.com has the same thing to help you know what you are getting. Both offer ways to contact them with any questions you might have. Zendesk vs Desk is a great way to compare the two and their features.


There is a great deal of help desk software choices out there. If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for, try using the free trials to decide for yourself which you like better. By comparing prices, features, and success rates, you can determine which software would be the best fit for you and your company or small business. Luckily, both Zendesk and Desk.com are willing to help answer your questions. Service Desk Express vs Zendesk is a good way to see how similar the two are. This can also help make your decision easier.


When searching for something to help make your business’ customer service experience better, there is no better choice than a help desk software. It gives you the time necessary and the organization needed for you to answer questions and take care of problems in a timely manner. For small business and company owners, help desk software is a necessity.