The Ultimate Guide to Opening an Online Store

The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Opening-an-Online-Store,-online-shop, side-hustler, tips-to-open-an-online-business

Mary Rae Floresca| | Are you leaving your day job or just want to be a side-hustler? If you want to embark on your very own online shop, then this is your ultimate guide to opening an online store.

1. Research then Plan

Research on what products you want to sell. The best choice is selling what you are passionate about. If you’re into gadgets or RTW, do buy and sell, look for a legit supplier though and resell with a best price. If you like baking, why not? There are a lot of “foodies” right now. Research what the market wants right now, and not only that, ask yourself, what do people like in the long run? Then plan your launch! Do you have enough stash to capitalize your business? Do you need business partner/s?

2. Build your website/online store

Shopify has been very popular these days. Customers can easily download this app and can directly message you using it. If you are more of a website type of seller, secure a domain name. Choose an URL that is easy to spell and obviously related to what you are selling. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook may be your go-to instruments to creating your online store. Sometimes easier to manage because you can just click which page you want to work on, your personal account or online shop.

3. Create a competitive content

News and current affairs articles are not only the ones that does compelling content, even online sellers should learn from those too! When building your online store, make sure you don’t only post the pictures and price. Be creative! You can make it like a magazine type, collaborate with writers or bloggers to support your products. Check out

4. Manage you online store

Customers will be asking a lot of questions if your details are incomplete. Set the following:

  • Shipping details- how much and the courier, the estimated days to be delivered
  • Steps on how to order
  • Payment options and rules

5. Be “approachable”

If your online store is gaining more and more followers and inquires, you might need to multitask very well. Your customers should be able to reach you easily, whether by DM, Viber, WeChat etc. You need to earn their trust and to prove them that you’re a reliable business, you should open your communication lines. You can also display and tell them a little bit of who you are. You should also come up with your set of FAQs so your customers can easily check the rules on your online store.

6. Promote your brand

Lastly, promote your brand! Share the link of your website or page on your social media accounts. Most likely, your family and friends will be your first customers. Then you will be known by word of mouth or lucky you if bloggers get to write good reviews about your brand. Be consistent in the business, after all, you started it, and if it’s your passion, you’ll never get tired of it.


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